COP v3.0:revision-history; 2018-october

19.18 2018 – October 

The NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code Practice (COP), has been updated effective 1 October 2018.

Summary of Changes in this Update

In this update there are Category 1 - Minor Errata corrections only, for spelling and grammar - no clauses have been substantially revised, nor any recommendations altered.


19.18A Revision Detail - 2018 - October

CategoryClause Number
(at time of update)
(As of current publication)
1 - Minor Errata1. Mediation1. Inserted "a" before settlement. 2.Corrected spelling of "available" in the second paragraph.
1 - Minor Errata2.12.1 DefinitionsGeneral tidy up; Fix spelling: Intersection, surface, heights, dewpoint, six-sided, practitioners, seashore, rainwater, coatings, trademark, components, electromagnetic, skylight, sawtooth, embedded, cross-section, violently, stop end, fibreglass, change. Changed: Low Pitched 15° to 10°, and Pitch Roof 15° to 10°. Remove some extra spaces. Removed some commas. Inserted comma. Changed "newton" to "Newton". Reworked Pop Rivet definition. Removed semi-colon. UPdated "boot Flashings.
1 - Minor Errata3. Section PropertiesMoved paragraph: "Symmetrical corrugate or trapezoidal profiles have the advantage of being more easily curved around a radius. Because the ribs are necessarily close together, they have the disadvantage of roof traffic loads having to be spread over two crests or along the purlin line, and they have a lower run-off capacity."
1 - Minor Errata3. ContinuityUpdated Drawing. Arrows were not displaying correctly.
1 - Minor Errata3. Point LoadRemoved empty paragraph spacing
1 - Minor Errata4. Graffiti RemovalFixed typo "Grafitti"
1 - Minor Errata4. Compatibility TableInserted "online" in the description of the online interactive tool.
1 - Minor Errata4. Capillary ActionTypo — Changed 80 to 8°.
1 - Minor Errata4. MicrocrackingReplaced drawings a through to e
1 - Minor Errata5.75.7 DownpipesReplaced drawing "Collecting Rainwater"
1 - Minor Errata66 External Moisture OverviewFixed typo: "conductionand" to "conduction and"
1 - Minor Errata9.3.310.12.1 Cold Roofsfixed typo: inserted " is ..."
1 - Minor Errata9.510.11 Underlay1. Added new new photo – 9.5C Condensation on Synthetic Underlay. 2. Typo: corrected spelling of 9.5B "Condesation.." to "Condensation"
1 - Minor Errata9.5.510.7.5 Non-Residential BuildingsFixed typo: deleted extra "in"
1 - Minor Errata1011 Natural LightFixed typos: "thermal", "installation" and "available"
1 - Minor Errata10.111.1 Clause G7 NZBCFixed typos: "through", "enough"
1 - Minor Errata10.211.2 Natural Light MaterialsFixed typos: "a varying mass" and "square"
1 - Minor Errata10.311.3 Types Of Roof LightsFixed typos: "single" and removed extra space after comma.
1 - Minor Errata10.511.5 Weathering And DurabilityFixed typo: "not"
1 - Minor Errata13.1.214.17 Turndowns (Drip Forming or Drip Edging) changed "downturns" to "Turn-downs" and inserted "drip forming or drip edging" in the heading.
1 - Minor Errata13.3.314.13.2 Screws1. Fixed typos: "hardwoods", 2. Fixed broken links" "Fastener Performance" and "Secret Fixing Clips"
1 - Minor Errata13.5.314.5.3 Expansion FixingsFixed link: "favourable conditions for expansion"
1 - Minor Errata14.1.515.1.5 Purlin SpacingFixed typo: "subjected", removed comma.
1 - Minor Errata14.4.2.415.4.2.4 Types Of JointsRemoved unnecessary link: (See drawing 11.2.4)
1 - Minor Errata16.1.317.1.3 Resistance for wind pressuresReplaced incorrect numbering reference (section 15.7) with correct link (Wind and Point Load Testing)
1 - Minor Errata16.217.2 Background to ScopeCorrected heading "Commentary on 16.1"
1 - Minor Errata16.417.4 Commentary On 16.3Corrected heading: "Commentary On 16.3"
1 - Minor Errata16.917.9 Background to wind load testingCorrected heading: "Commentary On Section 16.6"