COP v3.0:maintenance; inspection

16.6 Inspection 

Building owners should be informed of the maintenance required to keep the cladding within the terms of the warranty, and they should be provided with documentary evidence of their obligations. Regular inspection by specialist consultants should be undertaken annually. Records should be kept of all such inspections, which will support any subsequent claims against the manufacturer, supplier or installer. Records will also assist in the process of mediation or arbitration of any such claims.

Without documentary evidence of regular maintenance, any rectification is solely at the discretion of the supplier. Any subsequent work undertaken on the roof cladding by others that do not comply with this Code of Practice will void any warranty.

Inspections and the reports should cover the fixings, gutters, downpipes, flashings and the surface condition of the cladding. The reports should be placed in the 'Building Maintenance Manual', which should contain dated particulars of the original contract, the type of cladding, it's colour and gauge, the warranty, and reference should be made to any leaks reported and repair work or additions carried out. Regular inspection should be regarded as preventative maintenance.

16.6.1 Installation 

Approved fixers of the members of The New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc (NZMRM Inc) and members of the Roofing Association of New Zealand, (RANZ) will provide a warranty for five years to cover the workmanship and installation of the roof and wall cladding if requested. This means that if the standard of workmanship of the roofing contractor does not comply with this NZ Roofing Code of Practice, and he is a member of RANZ, the installation will be renewed or restored so that it does comply.

This warranty does not extend to any work undertaken on the roof or wall cladding or accessories by other trades or subsequent to completion of the contract by the roofing contractor.

Designers and owners are therefore strongly advised to only deal with members of both of these recognised trade organisations to obtain this warranty.