COP v3.0:revision-history; 2023-march

19.1 2023 – March 

The following revisions to the NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice were published on 1 March 2023.

Substantial changes to recommendations:

Editing and rearrangement:

Other changes consisted of small fixes for clarity and grammar.

19.1A Revision Detail - 2023 - March

CategoryClause Number (at time of update)Clause (As of current publication)Details
3 - Substantial change to recommendation5. Gutter Capacity CalculatorGutter Capacity Calculator now supports calculation where gutter fall is greater than 1:100, and has an option for Secret Gutters (i.e. where a roof slopes towards a raking wall or barge).
3 - Substantial change to recommendation7. Minimum Roof Cladding PitchRevised and renamed table 7.1.1A Minimum Pitch for Generic Metal Roofing.
4 - Clause Inserted 5.2 Roof Drainage TerminologyNew clause to clarify COP usage of terminology pertaining to Roof Drainage.
4 - Clause Inserted Designing for Climate ChangeNewly introduced clause, recommending NIWA's HIRDS-tool.
4 - Clause Inserted Bay WindowsNew clause discussing drainage for Bay Windows.
4 - Clause Inserted OutbuildingsNew clause to give guidance on roof drainage for outbuildings.
2 - Editing and rearrangement11 IntroductionUpdated Revisions Message
2 - Editing and rearrangement2.12.1 DefinitionsAdded definitions for Freeboard, Internal gutter, Hidden gutter, Secret gutter, and Raking Spouting.
1 - Minor Errata3. Wind LoadFixed broken link.
2 - Editing and rearrangement5. Internal Gutter Design FeaturesAdded clarifying text regarding scuppers.
2 - Editing and rearrangement5. Asymmetrical ValleysIncluded details drawing for installing a .
2 - Editing and rearrangement8.38.3 Flashing CoverAdded clarification of rib cover to 8.3K Apron Flashing Cover — Trapezoidal.
2 - Editing and rearrangement8. Barge And VergeAdded illustrations showing details for:8.4.2B Stepped Fascia Corrugate Under Barge; 8.4.2C Stepped Fascia Corrugate Over Barge; 8.4.2D Stepped Fascia Trapezoidal Under Barge; 8.4.2E Stepped Fascia Trapezoidal Over Barge; and 8.4.2F Tray Roofing-Wall Connection.
2 - Editing and rearrangement8. Apron FlashingsAdded illustration showing 8.4.4H Parapet Flashing, Chase Cut and 8.4.4I Parapet Flashing, Face Fixed.
1 - Minor Errata14.1614.16 Stop-endsMinor edit for clarity.
2 - Editing and rearrangement14.1714.17 Turndowns (Drip Forming or Drip Edging) Edited copy to provide guidance for difficult to turn down profiles, such as deep corrugated profiles.
4 - Clause Inserted 19.1 2023 – MarchRevision and updates active 1 March 2023.