COP v3.0:testing-and-mrm-standards; mrm-soft-edge-standard

17.3 MRM Soft Edge Standard 

  1. Compatibility

    Edging materials must be compatible with the flashing and cladding material.

  2. Durability

    Edging material must have durability no less than the flashing material.

  3. Formability

    Edging must be able to be dressed to within 3 mm of the pan of all profiles, and 5 mm to the corner of trapezoidal profiles

  4. Rigidity

    Edging Material must be sufficiently rigid to maintain its form and function in normal wind conditions.

  5. Backing

    Metallic soft edge may be backed by an inert layer of other material to improve stiffness and shape retention. Perforated metallic soft edging without a back is also acceptable.

17.3.1 Soft Edge Product Techincal Statement Requirements 

  1. Contact

    Company name and contact details.

  2. Currency

    Version and date of PTS. Version and date of PTS which it replaces.

  3. Name and description

    Product name and brief description of use. How it may be identified from similar products. Materials present in its formulation.

  4. Scope of Use

    Scope of use including materials to which it may be applied, limitations in use and conditions of use.

  5. Installation and maintenance

    Installation instructions and maintenance requirements

  6. Other

    Optional inclusions to the PTS may include Quality Assurance, Product Support and Warranty information.