COP v3.0:maintenance; scheduled-maintenance

16.3 Scheduled Maintenance 

Scheduled maintenance is routine maintenance that is performed at regular intervals.

All roofing and cladding products are subject to the cumulative effects of weather, dust and other deposits. Normal rain washing will remove most accumulated atmospheric contaminants, and little maintenance is required on an exposed well designed and installed roof.

All other areas are regarded as 'unwashed areas', i.e., those areas protected from the direct effect of rain. These include all vertical wall surfaces that are above an angled line drawn at 45° to intersect the edge of the overhang or soffit, the underside of gutters or fascias, and the sheltered areas of garage doors. See 4.10.1 Unwashed Areas

Manual washing is required to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris or other material not removed by rain. Wall should be washed:
  • every 6 months in severe environments; and
  • every 12 months in moderate environments.

Areas that do not receive adequate or any rain washing such as soffits, wall cladding under eaves, the underside of gutters, fascias, sheltered areas of garage doors, and unwashed roof areas: should be washed:

  • every 3 months for severe environments; and
  • every 6 months for moderate environments.
Scheduled maintenance comprises the inspection, maintenance, and reporting procedures for building elements required to have a compliance schedule in terms of section 44 of the Building Act.
By following those procedures, the building elements are effectively deemed to have a durability for the life of the building, because they are required to perform as designed at all times. The relevant maintenance procedures may include total replacement.

Warranty requirements and durability compliance will only be met if the maintenance requirements specified by the coil coating manufacturer are followed.