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The NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice (COP) is published by NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc. (MRM), to provide:

  • acceptable trade practice for the fixing of metal roof and wall cladding and accessories.
  • prescriptive detailing for designers and sets a benchmark for the standard of detailing and workmanship required over and above that required to comply with the NZBC.

The COP does not describe or dismiss alternative methods, which may need specific acceptance by the Building Consent Authorities.

It is published in accordance with current technology, materials, and building codes. The COP will be periodically updated to reflect changes in legislation and standards, or improvements in technology and available materials.

Newly updated sections will be available on the MRM website,, as Code of Practice Online (MRM COP Version 3), and the rest is displayed as MRM COP Version 2.3 (a revised edition of V2.2 as published at November 2012).

Print options and downloadable illustrations are available from the MRM website, however, copyright remains with NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc.