COP v3.0:installation; pre-installation

14.1 Pre- Installation 

The roofing contractor or supervisor must inspect a set of consent drawings and specifications, before starting to install metal roof or wall cladding. Any decisions departing from it should be agreed on and written confirmation signed before work begins. 

Minor changes should be recorded by the council on the consent application, major changes must be approved by the council before execution.

Where specific details are not drawn, the roofer and the main contractor should agree on the execution of these details before commencement.

The roofing contractor is required to have safety provisions in place that satisfy the HSW Act before work is commenced

The supporting structure should be inspected; the purlins and girts should be checked to see they are in a true plane and securely fixed, all trimming completed for penetrations, and any work by other trades is completed.

Where roof and wall cladding intersect with other materials, the sequencing of work and responsibilities for weatherproofing must be agreed upon with the main contractor prior to installation.