COP v3.0:natural-light; clause-g7-nzbc

11.1 Clause G7 NZBC 


NZBC G7 aims to safeguard people for illness or loss of amenity due to isolation from natural light and the outside environment.

Funtional Requirements

Habitable spaces shall provide adequate openings for natural light and visual awareness of the outside environment.


Natural light shall provide an illuminance of no less than 30 lux at floor level 75% of the standard year.

Openings to give awareness of the outside shall be provided in suitable locations.

11.1.1 Compliance 

The NZ Building Code G7.2 requires adequate natural light and an awareness of the outside environment for housing, old people’s homes, and early childhood centres. In other buildings, natural light is often used to create ambience and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

All plastic sheets used with profiled metal cladding in New Zealand must comply with the structural, durability, and external moisture requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

All plastic sheeting should comply with the AS/NZS 4256 and AS 1562.3 and should be tested in accordance with the AS/NZS 4257.