COP v3.0:safety; working-roofs

13.3 Working on Roofs 

Falling from height is the most obvious hazard associated with installing roof and wall cladding.  There is a hierarchy of techniques and mechanisms for ensuring safety at height.


13.3A Working on Roofs Safety Systems

Source: MBIE Best Practice Guidelines for Working on Roofs: 2012(optional caption)



13.3.1 Safe Access to Roofs 

Secure temporary access must be provided when there is no permanent access to roof areas. Preferred means of temporary access include scaffolding, constructed work platforms, or mobile elevating platforms.

13.3.2 Assessment of Existing Roof Cladding 

Roofing material deteriorates over time. Before beginning any work on a roof, inspect the roof surfaces to determine its condition and identify weak spots (e.g., abnormal corrosion).

13.3.3 Weather Conditions 

Weather conditions may affect working conditions adversely.

Adverse weather conditions include:

  • moisture (dew, condensation, rain, or snow),
  • high wind, and
  • sun glare and UV radiation.