COP v3.0:installation; sealing-and-joining

14.12 Sealing and Joining 

  • Soldering cannot be used on aluminium-zinc materials; use only neutral cure silicone rubber or MS polymer sealants.
  • Pre-align the pieces to be joined and pre-drill if possible.
  • Thoroughly clean off surplus sealant and swarf using a dry, lint-free cloth or plastic scraper.
  • Apply two beads of sealant close to each edge of the joint.
  • Align pieces together and fasten with rivets at 50 mm centres.

14.12.1 Sealing End Laps 

End laps in profiled metal roofing should be avoided where possible. When unavoidable, the end lap of should be sealed with a double bead of sealant as in the illustration below. Alternatively, self- adhesive closed cell tape can be used in the same position.



14.12.2 Side Laps 

Side laps should be fitted evenly and snugly without excessive gaps or tension. Sheets exhibiting edge wave should be reported to the supplier immediately. Where a sheet width exceeds the distance to the next architectural feature, it should be slit to width; not given multiple overlaps to decrease its effective cover width.