COP v3.0:natural-light; types-roof-lights

11.3 Types Of Roof Lights 


Roof light installations can be grouped into one of the following types:
  1. Single skin.
  2. 11.3A Double Skin Rooflight
    1. Where the roof cladding is fixed to battens and uses a flat multi-wall polycarbonate sheet.
    2. Where an additional sheet is fixed above, as shown in 11.3B Double Skin Rooflight (No Spacers)  and 11.3C Rooflight with Spacers
  3. 11.3D Continuous Vaults.
  4. 11.3E Individual Domes—Light tubes made from acrylic or polycarbonate are usually manufactured with a flashing suitable to weather most roof cladding profiles. 

Proprietary opening window units or skylights made from acrylic also have powder coated frames and are provided with weathering curb flashings, but they should be compatible with the roof cladding and should be installed as required in 9 External Moisture Penetrations.

Acrylic or polycarbonate tubes, skylights or domed roof lights should not drain onto unpainted galvanised roof cladding or onto galvanised fasteners. See 4.12 Inert Catchment.

Proprietary GRP sheets are available that can be used as double skin roof lights. A liner panel GRP or PVC sheet can be used to minimise condensation, but the air gap should be sealed.