COP v3.0:maintenance; normal-maintenance

16.2 Normal Maintenance 

The maintenance described in this section refers to the maintenance of the building envelope; it excludes equipment located on the roof cladding, such as air-conditioning or communications equipment.

Maintenance work and workers must comply with 14.6 Walking On Roofs. Normal maintenance is the work necessary to achieve the claimed or expected product durability. The extent and nature of the maintenance will depend on the material, its position on the building, geographical location and the macro- and micro-environment of the building site.

Section B2—Durability of the NZBC defines 'normal maintenance' as: "work that is generally recognised as being necessary to achieve durability for a given roofing element…."

It is the responsibility of the person specifying the building element to determine normal maintenance requirements.  The specifier should select materials taking into account the accessibility of the building element and the practicality of conducting regular maintenance for areas with restricted access.

Normal Maintenance tasks include:

  • following manufacturers maintenance recommendations;
  • washing down surfaces, particularly exterior building elements, subject to wind driven salt spray;
  • re-coating interior and exterior protective finishes; and
  • replacing sealant in joints.

Compliance with the durability requirements of the COP should not include replacing protective surfaces on roof and wall cladding, and accessories if the products are selected, installed and maintained in accordance with good practice.

It is the responsibility of the person specifying the building product to determine the normal maintenance requirements for the material.

Because of the natural disinclination to carry out maintenance on parts of the building that is not seen or is higher than 3 m, ' normal' maintenance should become 'scheduled', and will require washing as per the schedule in 16.3 Scheduled Maintenance.