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Scope 44


Page 2:Richard Wilden brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this unique Otargo home

Page 6: Architect Filiberto Rayon-Villela (ANZIA) creates a stunning showhome for Stonewood homes in the Jack’s point development in...

Scope 43

PAGE 1: Reece Warnock designs his family home around a historic building in Outram

PAGE 8: Metrotile provide a solution to retaining the low profile of shingles without the tradition problems.

PAGE 13: Architectural Designer...

Scope 42

PAGE 1: Belinda Ellis, Fraser Cameron Architects Ltd, creates a stunning holiday getaway at Lake Taupo


PAGE 6: Cymon Allfrey Architects, design a building to embody the  innovative elements of EPL’s business.


PAGE 9:...

Scope 41

Scope 41 April 2016

Featuring technical updates on green buildings and the MRM Systems Guarantee, Architects XSite, Glun Bilkey, SCA Architects, Studio MWA, Cullen Keiser Architecture and BBC Architecture

Scope 40

Scope 40 December 2015

Auckland Unitary Plan and systems guarantee. Architects and designers Isthumus, Hamish Stirrat, John Munro, Daryl Cockburn, Phil Smith and Fowler Homes.

Scope 39

Scope 39: September 2015.

Stuart Haymen updates zinc in Auckland waterways. Architects ChrisTate, Daren Alderson, Colin Campbell and designers Customkit

Scope 38

Scope 38 April 2015

Profile on Stuart Thomson, technical articles designing smart and sustainablity. Reroofing the Pumphouse and asphalt shingles. Design Stonewood homes and architectual design by Mike Johns, Will Lewis and Peter Wynyard.

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