Scope 41

PAGE 1: Malcolm Taylor, of XSite Architects, meets the client’s ingenious brief.

PAGE 6: Todays metal tiles have come a long way and should not be confused with the issues of early stone chip loss.

PAGE 10: Architect Glyn Bilkey brings inspiration to Michele and Michele Powles when building a family home in Titirangi

PAGE 14:  Architect Dave Strachan of SGA (Strachan Group Architects) creates the lock up and leave dwelling the owners wanted.

PAGE 18: Davor Mikulcic Studio MWA Ltd. finds a creative solution to a difficult site with amazing views.

PAGE 24: Stuart Haymen reports on the progress being made with NZ Green Building Council updates on the Steel Credit allocation

PAGE 29: Architect Daniel Cullen of Cullen Keiser Architecture design the new HeliCorp facility taking it to the next level for owner Brent Glover

PAGE 32: Architect Nic Ballara of bbc architects creates a revolutionary home on an unbelievable site.

PAGE 34: Gary McNamara reports on the progress for the Proposed NZMRM systems guarantee