Metrotile’s new Shingle concealed fastening roofing product is an innovative system that offers roof watertightness. With an interlocking Secure Lock (SL) lap system that can be installed direct-to-deck. 

Key features of the CF Shingle System:

  • Concealed fastening 
  • ...


The following is a summary of nailing pattern requirements on roofs designed to the standard of NZS 3604:2011. This replaces the nailing patterns published in the Rooflink Winter 2016 issue.

Use one pattern over the whole roof

On engineered...

Metrotile’s new Antica tile upholds school’s aesthetic heritage

A large re-roof project for Parnell District School is part of the government’s seismic strengthening project around old school buildings in New Zealand.

The first outing for Ross Roof Group’s Antica tile was a large re-roof project for Parnell District School in St Stephen’s Avenue. It...

Smarter Small Homes

Based on modular construction, this Smarter Small Home (SSH) designed by the team at Creative Arch was the first of 8 designs to be built by Latitude Homes in Auckland.

These designs were the winning entry from the 2011 James Hardie Smarter Small Home competition.

The SSH was born...

Cool Roofs Hot Topics

Do you think that colour has gone out of your life recently? Is it just a matter of getting older or is it a fact?Does everything look black and white to you? What colour car do you drive? If it is black, grey or silver then you join the 60 % majority of New Zealanders who probably do...

Sustainability And Lightweight Roofing

By Graham Hepburn
Advances in technology over the years have meant that metal roofs have not only become more durable but also lighter.

Metal roofs have always been lighter than concrete tiles or slate but they have been refined to become progressively lighter over the years. The...

Sustainability: Waste Reduction

By Graham Hepburn

Metal roofs have long been recognised as one of the best ways to keep buildings weather-tight but most people probably don’t realise they are a shining example of waste reduction.
From manufacture to installation, metal roofing has come a long way  – not only is it...

Solar Panels And Air Con Equipment

Solar water heating panels and other air con equipment items located on top of the roof cladding effectively create an unwashed area. While in theory the rain can run down the pans the ribs do not get washed.
G12/AS2 the Acceptable Solution does not take this into account and in fact allows...

Sustainable Steel

11/03/09 For years New Zealand Steel has been striving to minimise waste and reduce the environmental impact of its mining and manufacturing operations. A new website has been launched on the sustainability of steel.

Form Follows Function.

If a lively debate is ever sought amongst artists then the moot could be 'craft precedes art'. Likewise architects get all fired up when 'form...

Innovation Benefits Whangarei Girls

Because many schools were built prior to the current building standards the New Zealand Ministry of Education, in 1998, undertook a nationwide structural survey of all school buildings throughout the country. The result of the survey identified high priority work which was to be completed by...


By Graham Hepburn

You only need to look about you for evidence of New Zealand’s long and unbroken love affair with metal roofing.
Alongside weather board villas from the early 1900s with their corrugated iron roofs you’ll often see modern townhouses with standing seam roofs...

Leading The World In Waterbased Coil Coatings

“At the last NZMRM Annual Conference, Dr. Lou Gommans from PPG Industries gave an interesting presentation on the coatings technology used to make the paints which coat many of New Zealand’s metal claddings.  Significantly, and unexpectedly, he informed us that NZ leads the way in...

Keeping Our Kids Safe

The recent New Zealand documentary, “Are you ready”, brought some sobering reality to the potential effects a Natural disaster could have on our nation. The question was not “if” we have a disaster but more realistically “when” we have one.

In 1998 the New Zealand Ministry of...

Recyclability & Recycling Of Metal Cladding

New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers (NZMRM), as does every industry that wants to survive, is looking at the sustainability of their products and member companies.  We have been operating a Sustainability Sub committee for the last two years, and this was a topic at the Adelaide conference...

A New Product To Improve Cut-Edge Performance

Pacific Coilcoaters announces that following extensive market research and feedback, they will be offering ColorCote® pre-painted products using a ZAM substrate...

Zinc And Storm Water Run-Off.

Article supplied courtesy of Jenny Bain, Rooflink.

The Auckland Regional Council (ARC) has done an about turn on its earlier claim that zinc-based roofs were responsible for increased levels of zinc in harbour sediments.
The ARC now acknowledges that the use of COLORSTEEL®...


New Zealand Steel has been working on it for years.

Article by Jenny Bain, Rooflink Magazine.

Climate change and rising energy costs have seen sustainability and environmental management gain momentum all around the world. In New Zealand the Government has...

Cradle To Cradle : The Life Cycle Of Steel

By Graham Hepburn

Steel can be recycled forever without degradation. Recovery is estimated at 85%. 459.3 million tonnes are recycled world wide every year

Every kilogram of recycled steel  saves 12.5 MJ of energy, 86% less air emissions air, 40% less water and 97% less

Zinc Is Good

Zinc and roofing go hand in hand and have done so since the 1800's. Roofing products incorporating zinc have been used to roof the historic buildings of Paris to the garden shed in your back yard and for very good reason. Zinc is truly an amazing material. Zinc has the ability to protect less...

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