Our Activities

As an active trade group we are involved on an on-going basis in a wide range of activities. A snapshot of some of the core activities are shown and explained below:

  • Code of Practice: The NZMRM has developed a 400 page Code of Practice that is in its 2.2 version. Version 3 is currently being developed. The Code of Practice is free for download from the NZMRM website.
  • The NZMRM has developed a test rig for members to test products prior to release. The test rig is located in Huntly.
  • MBIE: we meet regularly with MBIE to cover matters relating to the application of our products to buildings. We also provide input into regulatory changes that occur (eg E2/AS1).
  • BOINZ: we have a strong relationship with the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand. We keep them advised on technical developments and we make presentations at their annual conference. Our objective is to give their members a better understanding of the use of our Code of Practice.
  • BRANZ: we work with groups such as BRANZ to ensure that the building research community gets plenty of practical industry input and opinion.
  • Standards: NZMRM is active, in conjunction with Standards New Zealand and Standards Australia, in ensuring all building standards for our industry are developed and maintained correctly.
  • Warranties: We produce product warranty documents for our members which set out warranty terms and conditions for our members products.
  • Systems Warranty: NZMRM is developing a comprehensive Systems Warranty product that will provide protection to those who purchase a roof from our members.
  • Annual Conference - an opportunity to network with other members and hear first hand about issues, new product releases and great speakers. This years conference will be in Adelaide between the 20th and 24th of September 2023. Check your emails for your registration invite.