Installation Guide


Installation information is consistent with the NZMRM Code of Practice version 3.0 and correct as of May 2022.
Refer NZMRM Code of Practice for additional information.
Metal roof and wall cladding should be installed as explained in this guide to comply with the NZBC and to satisfy manufacturers’ warranties.

  • Installers need to check that they are using the most up-to-date version of the Guide before they start construction.
  • This Installation guide has been created for all members of the New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufactures Association (NZMRM) only.
  • This Installation guide is applicable to profiles manufactured by NZMRM members only.
  • This installation guide satisfies the New Zealand Building Code compliance requirements regarding Installation of metal roofing and cladding.


The NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Installation Guide is published by NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc. (NZMRM), to provide:
Acceptable Installation Guidelines for the handling and the fixing of metal roof and wall cladding and accessories.
This Installation Guide does not describe or dismiss alternative methods, which may need specific acceptance by the Building Consent Authorities.
It is published in accordance with current technology, materials, and building codes.
This Installation guide will be periodically updated to reflect changes in legislation and standards or improvements in technology and available materials.
The most current Installation Guide is available on the NZMRM website,