Who We Are

The New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers Association Inc (NZMRM) represents those companies that roll-form steel and other metals for roofing and cladding purposes.

Commonly known as "Rollformers" there are 25 of these companies who are members of NZMRM. Members are involved in producing a wide range of profiled product, both painted and unpainted.

The association is also active in the development and promotion of industry Standards and in conducting research that promotes the use of metal roofing and cladding.



The NZMRM was originally formed through the efforts of a small group of manufacturers who met in 1966 to form the New Zealand Metal Rollformers Association Inc. Since then the Association has gone through five name changes and has actively contributed to many changes and developments within the industry. The NZMRM provides its members with guidelines to ensure that the products and services they offer meet the Standards required to fulfil codes of compliance, warranty, and durability.

One notable achievement has been the compilation of the NZMRM Code of Practice which has become a valuable reference document for Territorial Authorities and roofing companies.

Another milestone for the Association was the establishment of our test facility in Huntly which enables roofing materials and profiles to be comprehensively cyclone tested in a local environment. Previously such testing had to be done in Australia.

NZMRM also works closely with other associated industry groups, such as the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) the Building Officials Institute of NZ (BOINZ) the Building Research Association of NZ (BRANZ) and the Ministry for Building Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The Association's magazine Scope is widely recognized by Architects and specifiers as a useful vehicle to showcase new developments and innovative uses of profiled metal in roofing and cladding.

The Association is proud of its achievements. In an age of technological change, we have a positive commitment to keeping our members fully informed and advised of developments within the industry.