About the Code of Practice

The NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice is a comprehensive design & installation guide, and a recognised related document for Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 of the NZ Building Code.

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Update Policy for the Code of Practice

Please note:

For continued improvement and to keep up with new developments, New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc. (NZMRM) publishes quarterly updates to this Code of Practice

From September 2023, the nominal Version number of the Code of Practice follows a "year.month" pattern, beginning with v23.09, for clear identification of the date of the latest updated version.

  • Always use the current online Code of Practice to ensure you have the most recent recommendations.

  • Having registered to access the Code of Practice, you will be notified by email of the most notable changes at the publication of each update.

  • A comprehensive history of revisions with a detailed log of changes is available at 19 Revision History.

  • Archival copies of previous versions are available if required.
    Please contact with details if you have a specific requirement.