Smarter Small Homes

Based on modular construction, this Smarter Small Home (SSH) designed by the team at Creative Arch was the first of 8 designs to be built by Latitude Homes in Auckland.

These designs were the winning entry from the 2011 James Hardie Smarter Small Home competition.

The SSH was born of the notion that every New Zealander should be able to build a family home, which is both extremely affordable and aesthetically beautiful. Aimed at first home buyers, the range has been designed to maximise efficiency, with the ability to be tailored to the needs of individual clients, through the inclusion of expansion pods.

Design principles fundamental to Creative Arch such as creative, innovative design, sustainable design and material selection while maximising client expectations were part of the competition brief and were happily taken on and achieved. Living spaces and bedrooms have been positioned to allow a northern and western aspect, in turn creating passive solar heating to the spaces used later in the day. This careful planning, high quality insulation and glazing all contribute to a reduction in the overall heating and running costs of the home.

The home addresses issues of affordability through smarter, sustainable material solutions, without detracting from the overall quality of the home. The volume and repetition of products allow for increased purchasing power, whilst the articulate selection of material finish and construction techniques influence the immaculate aesthetics. Fundamental repetition and regimented planning ensure reduced product wastage, while alternative roof types, claddings and end treatment allow for aesthetic variance, guaranteeing individuality.

The creation of an environmentally friendly, affordable home was paramount to Creative Arch, with a focus on reduced running costs through innovative use of products and design, minimising both the construction and on-going carbon footprint.

This double storey 3 bedroom home built by Latitude Homes is a total of 138m2 with a 70m2 footprint making it ideal for urban living and medium density developments. The central design principles applied throughout all the Smarter Small Homes and showcased well in this home include open plan living downstairs opening to a covered deck providing accessible outdoor living with ground floor joinery finishing at the ceiling to give the illusion of a high stud. The entrance opens into this space with open tread stairs and a large stairwell window to maximise light through the home. Upstairs are 3 double bedrooms, a full bathroom and ensuite. All the homes are designed to achieve a minimum 3 star Lifemark score ensuring the homes are livable for all ages and

As affordability is major factor in the Smarter Small home, material selection is paramount to reduce labour time and the number of trades on site. Latitude Homes chose to use Metalcraft Insulated Panel system, a  refinished product that allows the roof and ceiling to be completed in 1 day. The roof profile chosen is the Metalcraft MC760 painted in Dulux Iron Sand.

Creative Arch

Creative Arch is an award winning, multi- disciplined Architectural Design firm that was founded by Director and Architectural Designer Mark McLeay in 1998.

Their range of work is as diverse as their clients and encompasses Residential homes, Renovations and Coastal Developments. It also extends through to Remedial work and Commercial Architectural Client service is paramount at Creative Arch and therefore working as a team is a priority for designers. The company is focussed on supporting their client’s vision and helping them to perpetuate their dreams through creative architecture. Creative Arch take time to listen and to gain a full understanding of clients needs, offering ideas and working collaboratively with them to achieve the desired result. Creative Arch work closely with other professionals to ensure the project is within budget giving clients financial assurance.

They have strong company values, investing a great deal in systems and computer technology to ensure a consistent and high standard of service to clients. Visit our website to see the standards achieved consistently through award winning architecture and numerous publications.

Architectural Designers: Mark McLeay Creative Arch
Telephone: 09 309 6032

Builders: Marc Hunter
Latitude Homes
Telephone: 09 298 5811

Roof cladding: Metalcraft Insulated Panel Systems
139 Roscommon Road, Manukau
Telephone: 09 277 8844

Profile: ThermoSpan Insulated Panel

Colour: Iron Sand