A New Product To Improve Cut-Edge Performance

Pacific Coilcoaters announces that following extensive market research and feedback, they will be offering ColorCote® pre-painted products using a ZAM substrate imported from Nisshin Steel, Japan.

ColorCote® ZMXTM pre-painted ZAM.

Pacific Coilcoaters decided to produce ZMXTM in response to market concerns over cut-edge performance and durability of current substrates in more severe situations. ZMXTM will provide improved performance in these situations.

The ZAM substrate is an aluminium-zinc alloy with the addition of magnesium. It has 6% aluminium, 3% magnesium, and 91% zinc in the metallic coating layer. The addition of magnesium in combination with high zinc content provides an improved performance over commonly used metallic coatings.

Pacific Coilcoaters will issue a full bulletin, including warranty details, early 2008.