Scope 42

PAGE 1: Belinda Ellis, Fraser Cameron Architects Ltd, creates a stunning holiday getaway at Lake Taupo


PAGE 6: Cymon Allfrey Architects, design a building to embody the  innovative elements of EPL’s business.


PAGE 9: A Kiwi team volunteers, lead by Richard Vetter, travels to Nepal to assist in rebuilding Khunde Village.


PAGE 12:  Eliska Lewis, Architect Wanaka. The house and location are spectacular. 


PAGE 22: Rod Newbolt outlines the revised requirements for fastener patterns in Corrugate.


PAGE 22: Stuart Hayman reports on the new steel credit (Mat-8) in Greenstar rating for your new building


PAGE 28: Claudia Lapp meets the challenges and creates a beautiful family home on Waiheke Island


PAGE 32: Architect Alastair Kay balances function and culture in the design of Auckland’s Unitec Marae 


PAGE 37 & 37: Two re-roof projects in two very different locations.


PAGE 18: Barrie Moss obituary


PAGE 20: Lorraine Mills obituary