Scope 50


4: Cam Dunnage, of Next Level Design, designs a timeless double gable home with stunning mountain views in Wanaka. 

8: RTA Studio’s Redesign of Freeman’s Bay School, an innovative and modern design that aims to promote a positive learning environment and engage students.

12: Ardern Peters Architects’ colourful and sustainable design set amongst native bush and trees highlights the natural beauty of the views around it.  

16: Sunderland Hangar’s transformation from skeleton to a mixed-use precinct featuring retail, hospitality and commercial spaces including a micro-brewery.

20: Architect John Tocker’s redeveloped holiday home in Waikanae blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

28: Paul Edmond designs an affordable and attractive set of twelve units in the Huapai Triangle

32: Nathan Shearing of Fat Hippo Design Group works with a client’s radical ideas to create a home of never ending curves

36: Aztech’s market-leading design for insulated goat barns makes use of Metalcraft’s Insulated Panel System to keep a consistent climate for the animals


24: Sustainable Water