Scope 46


Page 2: Sistema: Designed by Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects and built by Haydn & Rollett, the building is definitely big but it is also beautiful according to the judges  

Page 8: Noel Jessop designs a simple built unique home in an inner city oasis in Hamilton

Page 12: Saint Bartholomew’s Church in Kaiapoi has been moved twice in it’s lifetime and now is restored to it’s former glory by a team of dedicated craftsmen....and women.

Page 22: Phil Grey and his family completely rebuilt their home after the Christchurch earthquake and then were hit by floods in the area. The unique design has already proven it’s worth. 

Page 30: Jenny and Murray Butlery work with Mark Gray of Wyatt + Gray Architects, Queenstown to build a sustainable, energy-efficient holiday home.

Page 34: Mitchell Coll designed two townhouses so that with a few simple modifications they can be made into one four- bedroom, two-living room house. The design is innovative with a realistic view to future developments.



Page 18 : Tony Barbarich: Life member of the MRM has served 34-years as an executive member of the New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers and he is not quitting yet.

Page 21: With over $15,000 in prizes the MRM launches the Roofing Games to encourage Intermediate and skilled Roofers to fine tune their skills. 

Page 26 : Stuart Hayman, Technical adviser to the MRM, outlines the important work done behind the scenes by the MRM to improve building standards in NZ.