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PAGE 1: Ohakea Air Base has a new terminal that has been cleverly designed making it a major hub for the armed forces.

PAGE 6: Tane Cox’s design ‘Modern Barn Form’ wins the SUPREME award at the 2014 ADNZ
Resene Architectural Design Awards

PAGE 10: Metrotile add a new-to-New Zealand method for ventilating metal tile roofs, which they have used in Europe.

PAGE 12: Architect Tony Koia of Koia Architects Ltd translates a sense of permanence and aged simplicity into a modern home with modern conveniences,

PAGE 18: Horncastle architect Tim Devine sets a high standard designing Cape Cod-style homes in the Millwater development.

PAGE 22: Gary McNamara reports on progress with the proposed Industry Systems Warranty program supported by the MRM.

PAGE 24: Architect Neville Saunders, of Saunders Architects breaks the stereotype for EFS Accounting with this vibrant new building in New Plymouth.

PAGE 30: Architectural designers Lynda and Paul Murphy create a new home for their family which is warm, a bit of fun and has minimal maintenance.


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PAGE 1: The Avantidrome was a challenge for Dominic Buckell and the build team as there was little
experience in building a Class 1 velodrome in New Zealand.

PAGE 4: Architect Noel Strez’s design philosophy was derived from the early gold miners cottages in
the region and the majestic site

PAGE 10: Jonathan Walker, of JWA Architects Ltd, incorporates sustainability features and modern
urban design principles reducing the carbon footprint for Mainstream

PAGE 16: Stuart Hayman presents the issues related to solar energy in both application and viability.

PAGE 20: Architect Jann Hurley responds to her client brief with a new home which fits quietly into the
rural character of the landscape

PAGE 24: Darryl Lowndes completes an exceptional re-roof on this Herne Bay villa with a mixture
of roof levels, roof planes, gables and a bullnose veranda . Quite an involved job.

PAGE 26: Trevor Mason. Winner of the RANZ Professionalism in Metal Tile Roof Installation Award 2014.

PAGE 32: Architects Dave Strachan and Pat de Pont of SGA and a team of qualified builders guide students through a VisionWest Community Trust project from conception to completion.

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PAGE 1: Architect Frank Tonetti shows how innovative design can save money and provide a solution in relief stricken areas.

PAGE 6: A look into the Auckland Unitary Plans proposed regulations for the use of roof cladding.

PAGE 12: Architectural Designers Mark McLeay and Mark Callander work with a very specific brief on a lifestyle project in Whangaraei. 

PAGE 16: Architectural designer Diana Blake, Whangamata, takes on the challenge of designing a home for her own family.

PAGE 20: Stuart W. Thomson looks at the pitfalls of designing homes without due consideration to roof ventilation. 

PAGE 26: Architectural Designer Kris Wilson meets a very tight brief on a very tight site to capture the stunning location

PAGE 30: David Peake of Peake Construction and Roofing suggested Terne to Architect Glenn Bodger. He loved it!

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1: Graham Pitts domesticates commercial design technology to stunning effect in this coastal home.

6: Grant Watson meets the challenge to bring the RSA to a standard that will attract members and provide a great community facility.

9: Stuart Hayman looks into the hidden dangers that might lurk in the products we use on our roofs.

12: Doug Johnson designs a combination of modules giving the house an interesting roof line. Colorsteel cladding, recycled hardwood and stonework, presents an intriguing façade

16: Roofing Industries introduce an innovative new slant on an iconic roofing profile.

18: Brynn McCauley, architectural designer, designs his own country home to fit comfortably into the rural surroundings.

22: New Zealand Steel was founded on innovation and continues to pursue innovation towards a more sustainable Industry.

26: Michael Reid Architectural Design works closely with the owners of this home which in every aspect is a Grand Design.

30: Stuart Hayman looks at the many benefits of lightweight metal roofing.

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1: Maurice Harris, of Harris Foster Consulting, uses Dimond ColorCote® to create a rainbow for kids

4: Tony Biesiek, Imagine Building Design, works with owner Andrew Pepper to transform the family home.

8: Roger Dowling and Alana Thorn, Beca, work together to replace a local icon destroyed by fire

14: Doug and Gill Price’s home gets a new Metrotile Shingle roof after the Christchurch earthquakes damaged their concrete roof.

18: Mark McLeay, Creative Arch, wins the James Hardie Smarter Small Home competition designed for affordable, sustainable homes.

20: Stuart Hayman looks at the effects that glare may have on the environment, heat gain and loss.

24: Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects design a massive new 23,000sq m warehouse for Super Retail Group.

26: David Todd Architectural Designers designs a unique home for clients in the real estate business.

30: Bryce Ardern, Ardern Unique Design and Build wins the Outdoor Living Award at the National Registered Master Builders 2012 House of the Year and was a category and gold medal winner in the Auckland competition.

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1:  Davor Mikulcic and Michael Maddern of Studio MWA. Wellington/Brisbane show sensitivity to the beauty of this South Island location.

6:  Dimond clad, Pacific Motor Group commercial premises in Whangarei. Designed and built by the Coresteel using proven design technology and a flexible portal system.

8:  Grant Jury Designed & Built this luxurious family home featuring a Gerard Corona Shake roof in satin Ironsand .

14:  The Code of Practice version 2.2 is now available on line. Stuart Hayman illustrates some of the new version benefits.

16:  Falcon Homes, featuring a Metrotile Royal, textured Copper Brown roof in the Life at Home parade, Karaka Harbourside in Auckland.

20: This state of the art beef processing plant, “Silver fern Farms” was designed by Stiles & Hooker, Hamilton, and clad by Dave Dunford

22:  Tony Biesiek, Imagine Building Design, shows how creative flare, light and texture can work together in this enchanting home.

26: Chris Vandyke, award winning architectural designer, creates a unique pavilion style home using Gerard textured Corona Shakes.

30: Emerging technologies. Photovoltaic electricity has been one of these technologies, and one that is currently changing rapidly.

26:  Timbercore’s innovative design uses NZ engineered timber to demonstrate the cost effective versatility of timber.

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1: Brewer Davidson Architecture, Auckland, design a school rated 5 Star Green Star Certified by the New Zealand Green Building Council

6: Stuart Hayman & Stuart Thomson report on the NZMRM Corrosion Project set up throughout NZ

10: Graham Roebeck, Structural Integrity Ltd, Hands on experience proves invaluable in the design and construction of this unique swimming pool enclosure

14: John Donovan, Tehuia Log Homes Ltd., shows an alternative to tradition home building that is designed around sustainability

18: Landmark Homes new show home in Auckland combines design flare and function

21: Metrotile re-roofed this home with the unique profile that has the aesthetic qualities of traditional shingles

23: ASC Architects, Dimond and Kiwi roofing Ltd. design a solution to indoor lighting with ThermRline skylights that dovetail with Dimondek 630

31: Paton Roofing Services Auckland and Dimond work together to re-roof the iconic French Bay Yacht Club in an extreme environment

4: Whitford’ Pony Club’s iconic old brickworks workers’ cottage is restored with the assistance of Metalcraft Roofing

26: Stuart Thomson looks at the issue of reflectivity on roofs

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1: Clark Brown Architects and Dave Pearson Architects, collaborate in the redesign and restoration of Victoria Street Market.

6: Studio MWA, lead by Architect Davor Mikulcic, design a farm residence to replace the historic family
homestead built 180 years ago.

10: Fletcher Construction, working with Jasmax Architects and WSP New Zealand Ltd deliver the first NZ Green Building Council 5 Star school in New Zealand.

15: Stuart Thomson completes a series of 3 articles, underlay/ condensation / ventilation and Insulation.

20: Where do you go for a high end roof with a Pacific flavour when you are a privately owned New Zealand company? Metrotile provided the solution.

24: Stephen Ansley takes full advantage of the magnificent views on a difficult seaside site at South Bay, Kaikoura.

26: Dave Strachan, John Cocks and Marshall Cook lead 16 third year Unitec architecture students in the design and build of this innovative holiday bach.

29: The renovation of Tinos Trust building, lead by Mark McLeay Creative Arch,wins 2012 ADNZ / Resene Design Awards for Commercial/Industrial Design.

32: Neville Paterson shows how the synergy between architecture and design can solve problems on a
restricted site in residential zoning

13: News and Views. Carl Mossman; A lifetime of experience in the Roofing Industry.

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1: Architectural Designer Andre Laurent works with owners to create a unique lifestyle home.

6: Architect Jann Hurley blends the new church’s steep-pitched roof with the existing low-pitched church hall and foyer.

10: Waihohonu Hut Tongariro National Park, designed by Pynenburg and Collins Architects, includes a few more comforts because it is more aimed at families and tourists.

12: Stuart Hayman, MRM Technical Committee, looks at Solar panel installation and NZMRM’s preferred installation methods.

15: Calder Stewart Roofing, Tansley Electrical and PCC donated materials and man power to Dumpling hut, one of the most popular tramping destinations in New Zealand.

18: Arahina, one of Marton’s grand buildings, gets a new roof with a lot of help from Wayne Pratt, his students and Roofing Industries.

20: The Acoustics Research Group of the University of Canterbury determine the attenuation of road traffic noise through various roof cladding materials.

24: An “eye for detail” and exacting standards is the hallmark of Urban Residential Developments foundered by Daniel and Bronwyn Klinkenberg.

28-29: Dimond in the 21st Century and the Claudelands Event Centre.

30: The second in the series on Underlay/Ventilation/ Insulation which discusses the designer’s role and responsibility for ventilation of roof spaces. Stuart Thomson.

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1: Architectural Designer Andre Laurent discovered it is something of a challenge to be your own client.

6: Designgroup Stapleton Elliott, lead by Nigel Dong, come up with a cost-effective but ‘edgy’ concept for the Pelorus Trust Sportshouse in Hutt City.

10: David and Donna Grigor’s new home features Gerard Roofs Corona Shake for the roof and a steel frame.

14: Leigh Marine Centre provided challenges because it is a visually sensitive site and a harsh sea spray environment.

18: Darren and Melanie Arnold chose the unique, low profile Metrotile Shingle for their Karaka home.

22: Building consultant Stuart Thomson comments on the historic and present dilemma surrounding the use of
building Underlays.

24: Architect John Henderson’s innovative design on a small site makes both house and garden feel more spacious than they are physically.

28: Harris Butt Architecture and Stanley Construction meet the challenges of what must be New Zealand’s toughest environment.

32: MRM reports on sustainable practices and Stuart Hayman gives an update on the noise control testing project.

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1: Wayne Brown looks at reason why so many residential homes suffered in the earthquake.

5: New and Views.

8: Grant Harris of HB Architecture provides the new ‘Gateway’ Reception Centre at Waitangi.

10: Architect Linda Clapham‘s work at Te Hana has signalled a new dawn for what was once a community in crisis.

14: Gerard Roofs survive the tornado in Albany.

16: Metrotile solve a difficult problem on the Copthorne Hotel Project.

18: MRM test show that buying New Zealand made is a wise choice.

20: Johann Bernhardt finds a sustainable solution for two families in a joint venture.

24-25: Gerard Roofing provides safety for students and Fletcher companies work together on the Laminex project.

26: Architectural Designer Paul Leach, designed an innovative home in the trees for his daughter.

30: Stuart Thomson looks at the problems caused by using stainless steel fixing.

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2: Dave North and wife Ali weren't "specifically looking for an eco house" they wanted a warm, dry and healthy home for themselves and their two children, aged 5 and 8.

7: Graham Hepburn looks at the safety performance of the steel industry.

9: Darren Chalmers has designed a stunning home by carefully interpreting his client's dreams.

14: Rod Newbold and John Turner investigate the issues surrounding buckled ridges and the cause.

17: David Jack and Architects Apcon Paterson Ltd illustrate the results that can be achieved when you think outside the square.

23: For his Wainui Beach School library design, Chris Shaw won two categories in the Architectural Designers New Zealand Regional Design Awards last year.

25: Tom Butcher chose the recently released Gerard Roofs Milano Tile for his magnificent new home at Marsden Cove.

29: Deborah Cranko shows how the use of recycled material can be integrated into a new Eco style home with flair.

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2: One man's passion has created an environment that will provide a wildlife refuge and a unique experience for NZ and international golfers.

7: Mark Brown, Solutions Architecture, designs a unique family home on a difficult site.

11: Nelson's new airpost hanger presented some problems and a very innovative building solution.

17: Jane St George Waugh, Define DESIGN, designs a country home for a young family utilising light ans space to maximum advantage.

21: Stuart thomson looks at the Christchurch earthquake effects and reflects on our past.

28: Collection of rain water from our roofs. A sustainable resource which is gaining importance.

29: Metrolite provide a solution to an old shingle roof that had seen better days.

31: Jenny Bain reports on the importance of safety in the construction industry.

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2: Architectural designer Kim Veltman works with owners, Kerry and John Williams, to create a Canadian style home.

7: MRM create a new website to provide easy access to the COP and a variety of innovative designs and information.

9: Team Architects Director Warwick Bell illustrates the result that can be achieved in one of New Zealand’s foremost ‘green’ aged-care facilities.

13: Details are often the divide that distinguish between good and bad architectural design.

19: An excellent example of design innovation and attention to detail that ensures durability.

23: A tricky site and a home that met the owners requirements perfectly and exceeded their expectations,

27: “Everything has a life cycle. An end is also a beginning.” This house is testament to that fundamental belief system.

31: Stuart Thomson steps back in time to look at the history and men who’s innovation helped create an industry.



2. Recyclability & recycling of metal cladding

5. Towards Green buildngs

6. Concept one

8. Now home chooses steel cladding

10. Keeping our kids safe

13. Durability

14. Knapdale Eco Lodge

16. New Zealand Post Auckland Mail Centre

20. Zinc is good

22. Sustainable building design

26. Lightweight Metal Roofs

28. Urban eco

32. Sustainable New Zealand Steel Production

36. In pursuit of excellence

40. Sustainability: Waste reduction

42. Low Environmental Impact Piha Cafe


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2: A special project where everything comes together creating an exception home and office.

7:  Graham Hepburn looks PAGE at the sustainable benefits of lightweight roofing.

9: Jessop Architects design a bush retreat which illustrates that simplicity and excellence in design are the hallmarks of a successful project. 

13: Continuous spouting provides a functional and aesthetic solution on any project.

17: Architect Kim Veltman
designs a unique family home using Metrotile lightweight tiles as the first choice for roofing.

21: CCM Architects Limited Wellington provide a facility that meets the growing needs of the Newlands community.

27: Gerard Roofs provide a solution to the roofing problems experienced on the Manurewa Library

31: Opus architecture, provided Timberlands with a functional design format using traditional materials in an innovative way.

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2: Davor Mikulcic designs the Dulieu’s new home with style and pride.

9: Stuart Hayman and Stuart Thomson look at the problems that can be caused by unwashed areas.

13: Graham Hepburn discovers a unique balance between high tech and tradition at Piha

17: Metal roofing has come a long way – not only is it made more efficiently but the process is cleaner with waste minimised at every turn.

19: Roofing Industries solved the problems of incompatible materials on this historic 

24: Wayne Bishop creating, designing and building an entire lifestyle environment in what was to become Western Rise.

27: Brian Riley - Arthouse Architecture Ltd. Nelson designs stage one of the Trafalgar Centre,

33: PLC Developments Ltd
Christchurch create a new lifestyle village in harmony with the environment

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2: Gary Glasgow creates an Island paradise for clients Paula and Ross Greenville.

7: Warren and Mahoney, 
Christchurch design the sustainable model for NZ Post’s future.

11: Graham Hepburn visits an enchanting villa designed by Tony and Jackie Krzyzewski 

17: Stuart Hayman & Stuart Thomson solve the problems of valley drainage

19: The durability, history and future of Metal roofing and cladding in New Zealand

21:Designgroup Architects H+ K Ltd, Whangarei, illustrate how lightweight roofing can benefit the school.

25: Landmark homes show how quality and attention to details can pay off in a tough market.

33: Ian Butt designs a new home for Northland Cricket modelled on “The Pavilion at Lord’s.”

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2. Gerard Roofs CoronaShakes used on the Australian House of the Year designed by Chris Vandyke

8. Tennent and Brown Architects solve a number of  environmental issues in the superb Turn Point Lodge.

11. Graham Hepburn reports on the life cycle of steel as the most sustainable building resource on the planet.

13. Ray and Cherie Schofield show what can be done with imagination,design flair and some technical advice from Metalcraft.

17. Stuart Thomson illustrates how difficult it can be to find problems... that can be avoided by using the COP

21.Gary Pidd’s creativity moves “outside of the square” to meet the design and cultural objectives of clients.

30.Clem Kinnaird works with owners Cliff & Nora Schreiber to solve a few problems and transform their home.

33. Trevor Jones shows practical experience is a great asset when designing motels.


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2. Architectural designer Mark Brown, creates a multi functional home designed for entertaining on a grand scale.

8. The Dart, so-called because it resembles a paper plane from the air, was the inspiration for John Coop, of architects Warren and Mahoney, 

13. Jenny Bain, from Rooflink magazine, reports on New Zealand Steel’s 40 year journey with sustainable business practices.

17. Dennis Chippindale.Stephenson & Turner Architects Wellington designs a fresh new home for an historic treasure.

23.Johann Bernhardt shows how an Eco friendly and sustainable home can have style and economy.

27. Gerard report on recent and ongoing product testing in the extremes of the New Zealand environment.

31. Babbage Consultants bring the town entrance to life with the new Westland Farm Centre.

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2. Architect Davor Mikulcic, Studio MWA Ltd., shows what a creative approach to design can achieve.

7. Stuart Hayman looks at NZ’s steel recycling and the bigger picture on the life cycle of steel as a sustainable product.

11. Stuart Thomson shares his travel experiences and observations from a recent trip to South America.

14.NZMRM release version 2 of the COP. Stuart Thomson outlines a few of the changes and how the affect the design process.

17. European Excellence: The challenge for  Archaus Architects Ltd. position two  prestigious motor car brands on one site

13. Johann, a Berlin-trained architect, incorporates the  principles he has championed on Building Biology and Ecology.

27.Christy and Steve Harvey use the new Gerard Roofs Rockport Shingle to good effect in their new Pukekohe Residence.

29. Architect Stan Kingma, SEKTA Architects, creates the new Tennis centre which visually floats above the ground.


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2. Jasmax break with historic tradition and combine two churches under one roof.

5. Dr. Lou Gommans, from PPG Industries, presents  an interesting perspective on waterbased coatings technology.

9. Mark Brown, from Solutions Architecture, designs an upmarket bungalow with a Coronashake roof.

11. Architect, Gavin Robins, Stiles and Hooker Ltd. expresses his passion for traditional Dairy factories.

13. Franklin Long Roofing passes a 40 year milestone in roll forming.

15. Archaus Architects reflect the highest quality of product and design through architecture. 

19. Nigel Lamb, Architectura – Art of Building, shows innovation in designing and selling a concept.

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2. Davor Mikulcic. Studio MWA Ltd. wins the New Zealand Institute of Architects Wellington branch award for Architecture for Residential category (special needs)

7. Improved cut edge performance from Pacific Coilcoaters

9. Wayne Houston Architecs creates a great learning environment at Mayfield Primary School.

13. ASC Architects wins the the NZIA Regional award for 2007’ Buildings of Community & Cultural Significance’

16. The role of Standards in the Building Industry 

19. New Zealand Steel celebrates 25 uears of Colorsteel© Coil Production

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2. Vector Arena is a testimony to its success, quality and value as an entertainment venue.

5. Karl Barker creates a stunning home which unashamedly celebrates the clever use of the steel structural components.

9. Jeff Thomson Artist

10. DOC huts for Resolution Island  

11. Why did New Zealand Steel and Pacific Coil Coaters invest in the NZMRM roofing and wall Cladding Code of Practice? 

14. Design considerations for steel roofing and cladding in very severe environments.

15. Gerard launch the new Ambassador Shake in the New Zealand market. Designed to capture the upper end of the residential sector.

17. Remarkables Park, Queenstown. A visionary project of mammoth proportions is proving its worth in local retail.

21. Waitakere Stadium wins awards

22. Working Greener. Building Greener. Urban storm water and zinc.

23. Sylvia Park completes stages 3 and 4. The complex reportedly is within 20 minutes drive time to 50% of the Auckland population.

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2. Tom Evison, of Technical Press Service, reports on a new rating scheme which aims to transform the New Zealand build environment.

3. Concept One: Architect Helen Richards puts her passion for sustainable building design and capturing solar energy to the test.

5. NOW Home is a collaboration between Beacon Pathway and Housing New Zealand Corporation reflecting commitment to sustainable homes.

7. Nicoll Blackburne Architects designed an Eco Lodge which has won building, hospitality and environmental awards.

9. Calder Stewart Construction design and build the Stadium Southland Velodrome. The first indoor cycling facility of its kind in New Zealand.

13. Article by Stuart Thomson who questions why some cannot accept there is always more than one solution to design and construction methods.

15. The 2006 Gerard Roofs’ Design Awards celebrated examples of excellence in design and building.

19. Architect Rob Ansell created a unique facility for James Hargest College working closely with Project Manager Ian Sutherland.

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3. Architect: Gavin Robins, Stiles and Hooker Ltd, Hamilton designs a State of the Art winery, 

7. Carol & Ian Hobbs new home in Bombaby designed by Architect: Graham Pitts Auckland.

11. Stuart Thomson, Building Consultant, debates the issues of roof penetration and design responsibility.

17. Architect Dean Wyllie designs offices to serve the needs of two companies sharing facilities. 

19. Designer, Dave Lowe from Interact Architects & Designers Ltd creates a superb new Queenstown home for Christine & Denis Callesen. 

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3. Architect Michael Melville takes a different approach to a Kiwi bach with a lot of history.

5. Architect Martyn Evans designs an arts centre for Kerikeri which blurs the distinction between sculpture and architecture.

11. Architect Gary Hopkinson adds a further two awards to his portfolio with two stunning beach house retreats

17..Gerard Roofing adds a new profile, with a distinctive European history, to its range of lightweight metal tiles

19. Architect Jonathan Hawksworth creates a refreshing new look for a modern country home that makes the most of its surrounding landscape.


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3. With a career spanning thirty years architect Alan Palmer shares his insight on the dynamics of commercial design.

10.  Chris winning the title “2005 Registered Master Builder of the year - Commercial” for his work on Wilderness Lodge designed by architect Gary Hopkinson.

13. Gerard Roofing outline the requirements for entries in the Gerard Roofing 2006 Design Awards.

15. Tom Evison, of Technical Press, reports on Susie Lees Nelson home, designed by architect Helen Richards, and the increasing trend toward sustainable design.

19. Builder Grant Richards and his wife Amanda’s new home on the Hibiscus Coast by architectural designer Michael Manning.

17. The hazards of attachments to metal roofs. 

21. Hopkinson Team Architecture  winners in the NZIA Resene Local awards for architecture.

22. Gerard Roofs new website. Designed to make design easier.

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3. Architect Davor Mikulcic has big ideas for a   small site. This speculative project presented all the challenges a developer can give an architect.

6. Sometimes the “next project”comes from the most unexpected circumstances. Kids at playcentre. This was the case for designer, Michael Manning.

12. Cox Creative Spaces. The architectural form of the new Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre was inspired by both Maori and Polynesian building and craft traditions.

15. Ross McMillan is the Supreme Winner in the Gerard Roofs Home Design awards. With  small budgets, compared to other countries, we produce a very high standard of architecture.

18. Architects Sinclair Knight Merz’s library for the James Hargest College. Reflecting the central importance of the library, the contemporary information centre, to student life. 

9. New Building Regulations.

21. Gutter leaf protection systems.

22. Zinc is Good!

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2. Glasgow Architects relocate Westbury Stud 

5. Architects: MGB Design Ltd design from the outside in

7. NZMRM?Inc. Code of Practice book

8. Architect: Tim Heath. Empathy with environment

11. Mark Gray creates family living around the pool

15. Keeping our kids safe. Schools and Earthquakes 

19. Northcote Intermediate School has a new music room

20. News and Views

21. Christchurch Architect Tim Goodwin’s Kate Sheppard Retirement Village project

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2. Architect: Martin Kennedy  building a Dream.

7. Architects: Bailey Architects Ltd SoFresh. A fresh new look.

11. Architect: Aidan Pykett making the most in Nelson.

15. Neil Wyatt builds Hynds Pipes an Iconic flagship.

19. CTM Architectural Designers build perfection in Pukekohe.

20. Dimond and Calder Stewart work together on the University of Auckland's new Population Heath Complex.  

21. News and Views.

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2. Architect: Stiles and Hooker. Waikato Innovation Park. 

8. Architectural Designer Kim Bouman. Getting it Right.

12. Architect: Paul Clements helps client build their image.

14. Architectural Designer: Michael Manning responds to a difficult site.

16. Architect: Jane Kelly with a purpose built home for retirement relaxation.

18. NZMRM sponsor achitectural award at Auckland School of Architecture.

20. Calder Stewart win the Southland contract from Aussie  suppliers.

21. News and Views.

23. Dimond sets a new record.

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3. Architect: Collective Architecture. Carolyn Smith

8. Architects: Opus Architectureand the Kapiti Coast Police Station

11. Gerard Design awards

11. Architect: Peddle Thorp Architects setting the Caribbean style

15. Architects: 2 Architecture Studio Ltd keeping the heritage of the South

14. Gerard Roofing helps set the style in a major make over

14. Architect Leo van Veenendaal finds a solution

17. Architect: Davor Mikulcic bringing an exciting sense of design to interiors and 

19. Architect: Neville Saunders going the extra mile. Big and small

21. Dimond tailor makes the new Dimondek 630 on site 

22. News and views

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2. Brian Taggart: The work of Auckland School of Architecture    

7. Architect Darren Jessop’s Tozer Home on Waiheke Island

9. Builder Mark Duffy building dream homes

11. Eco-architect Graeme North combines old and new technology

13. The Gerard Range of roofing tiles used around the world

14.  Architect, Denise Wright of Replica, designs extreme luxury in extreme 

15. Judd Fenwick Team Architecture. Design with Flair

17. CDA Architecture show their design skills at Novotel Ibis Hotel

18. Calder Stewart provides a new roof for a Historic Dunedin Home.

20. News and views

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2. Architect, Nigel Cook designing homes for the environment. 

7. Architects Jeff Armstrong and Neil Summers have a passion for community 
orientated design.

11. Architect: Jonathan Hawksworth puts a lot of flare into a little space.

13. Auckland City Mental Health Unit was an ambitious project with a stunning 

15. The Gerard Design Awards continue to grow and illustrate a diverse range of 
qhome design.

18. News and Views

20. Montana Brancott Winery Visitors Centre, near Blenheim, proves to be a sucess 
from all aspects.

21. The longest, Longrun roof ever for the Progressive Enterprises’ extension.

22. Babbage Consultants Ltd design a pedestrian bridge at the Pukekohe Raceway.

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2. Lockwood. A unique building concept.

5. Gerard Roofs promote excellence in architectural home design.

6. The Spirit of Adventure Trust gets a new home designed by architect Mark GardenSayegh.

7. David Reid Homes designing aspirational homes and creating a nation wide franchise.

9. Gary Hopkinson’s work reflects the identity of the West Coast environment.

12. Fred van Brandenburg refurbishing Huka Lodge.

13. Architect Kevin Sanderson gives McDonald's an image which reflects the company profile.

14. News and views.

16. Wayne Houston provides an aesthetic and functional solution for Seventh Day Adventist High School.

17. A new showroom for Continental Car Services.

18. A look at the structural cost savings of lightweight roofing.

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2. Neil Kieser shares his home and design excellence.

6. Millennium Institute of Sport and Health. A high tech. complex designed to serve the community. 

9. Paris Magdalinos talks about his work on the Napier Girls High School.

11. Scope News

13. Brian Cosgrove takes a look back at the work done on the Carolina Hut for 
Gottlieb Braun-Elwert.

14. The New Zealand Master Builders Awards for 2002

15. Part 2: A fascinating story. The history of Metal tiles in NZ. 

17. The Supreme winner of the 2002 Gerard Roofing Systems design award.

19.  Members of the NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc.

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