What Is The Problem With Unwashed Areas?

Article by Stuart Hayman and Stuart Thomson

Designers have usually many other priorities to concern themselves with than details about unwashed areas, however the purpose of this article is to raise awareness of this potential problem. The description of an unwashed area...

Structural Cost Savings. Lightweight Vs Heavyweight Roofing

It is generally accepted that structural framing requirements for a lightweight roof are less than for a heavyweight roof and can result in cost savings.

The degree of these cost savings is often debated, so the NZMRM engaged an independent consultant to look at the savings that could...

Avoiding The Problem Is Easier Than Finding It

Stuart Thomson, recognised for his vast knowledge on the use of metal and principle author of the COP illustrates the benefits of using the COP. How it can save endless hours in tracking and solving problems that should just never happen with “best practice”. As illustrated the time and cost...

The Hazards Of Attachments To Metal Roofs

Metal roofing has been used extensively in New Zealand for over a hundred years. In certain locations (even some exposed situations i.e....

Gutter Leaf Protection Systems

A solution or a problem?

In recent years there have been a number of products launched onto the market which claim to prevent the blocking of gutter or spouting by leaves. There are two types - one which fits into the gutter, for example like a brush, and those which are...

New Building Regulations

Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 External Moisture

Improvements in building products, designs and processes over a number of years have contributed to better built environments. The 2004 Building Act was intended to regulate for the continuation and enhancement of this...

Valley Drainage

The Capacity Mystery solved

By Stuart Hayman & Stuart Thomson.

Stuart Hayman has been involved with metal roofing for many years and until recently was Technical Development Manager for AHI Roofing Ltd. He is now a Roofing Consultant and is Chairman of the Technical Committee...


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