Gutter Leaf Protection Systems

A solution or a problem?

In recent years there have been a number of products launched onto the market which claim to prevent the blocking of gutter or spouting by leaves. There are two types - one which fits into the gutter, for example like a brush, and those which are attached to the bottom edge of the roof. This latter type is typically made of some sort of mesh or grid of plastic or metal, and there is even one made of slit and expanded Zincalume steel. Thgutterese are attached under or on top of the bottom of the roof and over the gutter, and the claim is that leaves will be trapped on the mesh while the water flows through into the gutter. The leaves may or may not get washed over the front of the gutter.

There are some concerns over their effectiveness under New Zealand conditions, for example, what happens when the mesh is covered in broad-leaves? Do leaves actually wash off or not? The maintenance said to be required is no less than you should do with your gutter anyway.

The significant concern of the NZMRM as manufacturers of steel based roofing and guttering is the potential corrosion effect of the product on the roof cladding or This means that such installations contravene warranties from materials suppliers NZ Steel and Pacific Coil Coaters, and manufacturers NZMRM, and AHI Roofing.

For a metal tile roof, damage to the bottom of the roof may only involve replacing the bottom course of tiles, but for long run roofing it means replacing the entire roof, so this warranty statement is serious and means any damage caused could be extremely expensive, and would all be borne by the homeowner.