Gutter Capacity Design

Spouting should be installed with the back lower than the fascia board or cladding to allow for draining of overflow water through the gap between the gutter back and the fascia.

A 2 mm gap between the back of the gutter and the fascia will give a discharge area equal to the diameter of a 75 mm downpipe for every 2.2 m of gutter run.

This gap is only totally effective if the spouting is correctly maintained and the gap is free of debris.  A designed outlet is preferred, either a gutter bracket creating a minimum 6 mm space stop end, a weir, a raised outlet above the spouting sole, a slotted front, or a low fronted gutter.

A weir stop-end, or an outlet with a top edge above the sole of the gutter, can be used to increase outlet capacity.

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