The term “gutters” can be applied to all roof drains, but “spouting” refers specifically to external gutters.

Types of gutter:

  • External gutters – positioned outside the building envelope.
  • Concealed Fascia-Gutter Systems – gutters installed directly behind a fascia.
  • Internal Gutters – formed inside a parapet wall or where two connected gables meet at an internal draining point.
  • Valleys – where two roof planes meet at an angle of less than 180°.
  • Roof Gutters – where a penetration obstructs and concentrates the flow of water, often into a single pan.
  • Secret Gutters – where a roof discharges into a raked barge.

The definition of gutters in the COP includes the troughs of a profile adjacent to an obstruction (such as a penetration) or where a secret gutter is required, i.e., at the barge line of a swiss gable roof.

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