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CategoryClause Number (at time of update)Clause (As of current publication)Details
2 - Editing and rearrangement3.12.1Screw FastenersClauses dealing with fixing to specific purlin types re-ordered for clarity.
1 - Minor Errata3.13.1Corrugate ProfileMinor grammatical editing for clarity.
1 - Minor Errata3.14.3Maximum Spans for Corrugate Wall CladdingHeading says 0.40 mm but Table is .40 and .55.  So remove .40 from heading
1 - Minor Errata4.6.1Assessment of Marine EnvironmentsRemoved full stop from the heading.
2 - Editing and rearrangement4.8.1LichenResized photo (Lichen on a Metal Roof) and inserted photo (Permanent Damage from Lichen Growth).
2 - Editing and rearrangement4.15Swarf Staining and Cut Edge CorrosionRenamed clause. Resized photos and inserted new photo ( Cut Edge Corrosion )
1 - Minor Errata4.17.3Aluminiumfixed spelling of "quaters" to quarters
1 - Minor Errata4.18.1.3Top Coat and Backer0
1 - Minor Errata5.3.1Catchment AreaRemoved (Optional Caption) from Wind-effect on Rain
1 - Minor Errata6.1.1E2 ObjectiveSet format as Block Quote
1 - Minor Errata6.1.2E2 Functional RequirementFormat as block Quote.
1 - Minor Errata6.3Related TopicsChanged link "Internal Moisture" to "Roof Ventilation.
2 - Editing and rearrangement9.5.6Sheetmetal Flashing DrawingsRevised and renamed clause.
1 - Minor Errata14.5.1Crest FixingCorrected minimum embedment into soft wood from 35mm to 30mm aligning with E2/AS1 and other reference in Timber Purlins

Sophie Ross Architect

Sophie Ross Architect is a boutique architecture studio, creating personalised and unique homes. Sophie offers a friendly, relaxed service where the client will always receive the personal touch as she likes to ensure the design process is enjoyable with any concerns the client may have being removed to the satisfaction of both parties. 

Architect:  Sophie Ross
Company: Sophie Ross Architect
Telephone: 027 306 6710
Builder:  DML Construction Ltd
Roofing and Wall cladding manufacturer: Wanganui Steelformers
Roofing and Cladding Installer: Gullery Roofing
Roof profile: Colorsteel® Maxx® Corrugate in Slate