2020 – September

The following updates to the NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code Practice (COP) were published on 1 September 2020.

Summary of Changes in this update:

Revision Detail - 2020 - September

CategoryClause Number (at time of update)Clause (As of current publication)Details
2 - Editing and rearrangement1Introduction Update Revisions Message
2 - Editing and rearrangement2.1Definitions Revised definitions of Gutter and Valley.
2 - Editing and rearrangement4.2Metal Corrosion Added paragraph about salt contamination.
1 - Minor Errata5.7Capacity Calculations (Please read with 5.6 Roof Drainage Design) Clarity improvement. Inserted the Comment: "Please read with Roof Drainage Design "
1 - Minor Errata9.3Penetration Durability and Compatibility Renamed clause to be more reflective of its content.
1 - Minor Errata12.4.1Touch-Up Changed punctuation in heading for consistency.
2 - Editing and rearrangement15.2Mounting Air Conditioning, Aerials, and Solar Units Clause has been renamed and new copy included.
2 - Editing and rearrangement17Testing and MRM Standards Added introduction.
1 - Minor Errata18.6Velocities Removed extra heading.
1 - Minor Errata18.7Cricket Penetration Patterns Fixed headings.
4 - Clause Inserted MRM Pre-Painted Coil Standard – Performance Requirements New clause.
4 - Clause Inserted Part1: ASNZS/2728:2013 New clause.
4 - Clause Inserted Part 2: Additional Criteria New clause.
4 - Clause Inserted Commentary New clause.
4 - Clause Inserted Appendices of AS/NZS 2728:2013 included as Normative in the MRM Standard New clause.
4 - Clause Inserted Appendices of AS/NZS2728:2013 considered Informative in the MRM Standard: New clause.
4 - Clause Inserted Copyright Acknowledgement New clause.
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Revision Category: 
4 - Clause Inserted
Revision Detail: 

New clause. Revision detail.