Secret-fixed Profiles

Secret fixed profiles are attached to the structure by clips rather than by pierce fasteners. This allows for freer thermal movement and minimises the number of penetrations in the cladding. The steep sided ribs and wide pans typical of secret fixed profiles gives greater water carrying capacity, and facilitates watertight flashing design.

Traditionally they were used for pitches as low as 1° but due to durability issues caused by deflection and resultant ponding the recommended minimum pitch is now 3°.

Trough sections generally have 2 to 3 pans or trays 180 – 250 mm in width. Tray roofing has a single pan of up to 550 mm in width.

Standing Seam is a subset of tray roofing. Standing seam roofs are based on traditional manufacturing methods (using folding and hand tool rather than roll forming), but now they are available roll-formed in most itirations. (See Standing Seam Cladding)

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