Roofing Games

MRM’s 2018 Roofing Games roadshow finalists performed to a high standard proving once again that there is always more than one way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing, watertight roof.

MRM’s 2018 Roofing Games roadshow concluded in July when finals were held during the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) conference in Auckland. The inaugural event attracted 350 installers competing for total prize pool of $15,000, courtesy of industry suppliers and manufacturers.

As a vehicle to measure the performance and skill levels of the country’s installers, the Roofing Games has proved a novel way to monitor, train and educate those willing to try their luck in this inaugural event.

Keeping up with trends and new products, changes in techniques, compliance with the Code of Practice and the Building Code, collectively ensures that metal roof installers need to stay up-to-date with all requirements. Seeing the finals in action was a clear demonstration of how complex the work of a roofer can be.

Aside from the educational benefits, the Roofing Games created some camaraderie in the industry, borne out by the interest the finals attracted with RANZ conference delegates. The generous support of sponsors  (NZ Steel, Edging Systems, Metalcraft, Roofing Industries, Dimond Roofing, Steel & Tube, Konnect, Pacific Coilcoaters, Freemans Roofing, RANZ and Fribesco), ensured there were rewards at both finals and regional level for those willing to have a go.

The eight finalists, four in the skilled category and four at intermediate level, performed to a high standard, proving once again that there is always more than one way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing, watertight roof. This was evidenced to best effect in the flashing details performed by the eight finalists. 

The modules for the event were based on the RANZ flashing handbook, featuring the common details found in residential roofing. The modules were transported to manufacturing sites for sessions of competition and training, culminating in the July finals.

One of the judges, Rex Olsen commented that the concept was a great idea in that it got people interested in the role of a roofer and gave installers a chance to put their skills on display.
Max Brough and Noel Sands, who took the roadshow to the North and South Islands say MRM’s inaugural event has demonstrated the value of this concept for improving workmanship and identifying gaps in current training.

Warren Oliver, MRM vice-president described the Roofing Games as an exercise for the betterment of the whole metal roofing industry. The acute shortage of skilled installers was a challenge but the competition attracted such lively interest that many recognised how complex some details could be.
He said although there had been poor participation in some areas, MRM was committed to the concept and a nationwide, industry roadshow is planned for 2019, showcasing the best of suppliers, manufacturers and fixers, culminating in a finals event.

Max Brough was rapt by the nationwide support in the first year and is already putting together a plan to make the 2019 event a nationwide industry roadshow, showcasing the best of suppliers, manufacturers and fixers, culminating at a finals event at a yet to be decided time and location. 

The skilled section winner was Shane Ratcliffe of Roofrite (Taupo), a well-seasoned installer, having learned the trade from his roofer father some 25 years ago. Despite the pressure of competing in a confined space, Shane approached the final as though it was a standard day at work.

Twenty-year-old William Chapman, the intermediate section winner, seemed to take the same approach, unfazed by competing under the watchful eye of many conference delegates. Apprenticed to E R Freeman (Blenheim), William is now with Rodney Roofing 2004 Ltd.

Shane won a $5,000 travel prize along with a $2,500 Milwaukee tool kit and William, $2,500 of travel vouchers and a $1,250 Milwaukee tool kit.  

Following the success of this years Roofing Games it will become an annual event and roofers across the country are encouraged to enter. Registration at: