Report on Code of Practice update as from 1st November and on the PDF version

 NZMRM has earlier announced that the online version of the Code of Practice (V 3.0) will be reviewed and updated quarterly.  This will continue until all sections have been reviewed and continue in the future as updates become necessary. 

Updates will come in three levels/categories

•    Category 1 - Minor Errata

Correction to spelling, grammar or formatting that have no bearing on the substance of the clause. These changes will be recorded on the website only and not individually included in an emailed update.

•    Category 2 - Editing and rearrangement

A clause or section of clauses has been rewritten to some extent for better articulation of the existing recommendation. The substantial recommendations are not altered. These changes will be recorded on the website, and will be cited in an emailed update. 

•    Category 3 - Substantial change to recommendation

A substantial change in a specific recommendation of the COP has taken place. A review of existing project documentation against the new clause is considered essential. These changes will be recorded on the website, and explained with detail in an emailed update

The most recent update to the online COP was on 1 November 2018.

In this update the COP clause External Moisture has been split into four sections for purposes of clarity and objectivity.  External Moisture Overview and External Moisture Roof Cladding, Flashings and Penetrations have been updated into separate sections to more closely reflect good trade practice and the requirements of NZBC Clause E2 – External Moisture. 

•    Section 6 External Moisture - Overview now gives a general introduction and overview of NZBC Clause E2 – External Moisture.

•    Section 7 External Moisture - Roof Cladding discusses requirements for roof cladding.

•    Section 8 External Moisture - Flashings deals with flashings at junctions.

•    Section 9 External Moisture - Penetrations recommends good practice for penetration design and installation depending on position, size, and application.  

All clauses and sub-clauses in these sections have been substantially revised and drawings updated to show details more clearly. 

Wall cladding has been deleted from External Moisture subject to a comprehensive separate review at a later date.

PDF version
There have been a number of requests since the issue of V 3.0 for a downloadable pdf version for access when off-line, or where internet connection is poor or not practicable. This can now be found at the beginning of the online version and can be downloaded, but note that the Online version of this document is the most up-to-date and in the case of conflict the Online version prevails over any saved or printed version.

The PDF copy of the Code Of Practice was issued as at 1 October 2018. The Online COP was updated  on 1 November 2018, and the PDF version issued on 1 October 2018 is presently in final review, and will include the November 1st updates in the near future.  

You can access all updates at;