Prickles or flashings

In the days gone by when there was only galvanised coated product used and soldering was the tried and true method for sealing, this method provided a fully sealed joint suitable for use with prickles.

With the introduction and more extensive use of colour product on Zincalume coated steel silicone sealant has become the only recommended method to fully seal the surfaces together. If the sheet pan is accidentally cut, silicone once again is relied upon.

Architects today still want the look of prickles along the ridge line but with out the possible risk of leakage over the life time of the roof.

Dimond (and some other manufacturers) are not
prepared to stand behind prickles when the system is so reliant on the sealant and workmanship on site to provide a leak free roof in excess of 15 years. The NZ Building code requires a 15 year durability period on materials which is difficult to achieve when silicone sealant is the main sealing component in the system.

Note: This technical information is supplied by Dimond. The MRM COP, other Manufacturers and NZ  Councils do not necessarily share this point of view. Please check with your supplier.

Check out Dimond ridge details and change in pitch details on their website for an alternative solution to prickles.