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Two of New Zealand’s oldest roofing companies, Calder Stewart Roofing and Dimond Industries will come together under the new name of DIMOND ROOFING. 

The new brand has been created to represent the best parts of two iconic roll-forming brands that have existed in New Zealand for many years. Dimond Roofing is now the largest roll-former of long run roofing material in New Zealand, with sites from Invercargill to Whangarei. It employs over 170 staff at its 11 locations around the country.

The move comes after Fletcher Building completed the purchase of Calder Stewart Roofing in April 2017 to operate alongside Dimond Industries, under its Fletcher Steel group of companies.

Hamish Mcbeath, General Manager, Fletcher Steel said:  “ Both brands have a strong heritage, but the opportunity to have them come together under one brand is exciting. Also, as part of the purchase agreement, there is a time limit of how long we can use the Calder Stewart Roofing name for, and so it has been a priority for the team over the last six months to work through our options and develop a new brand that encapsulates the best elements from each existing brand.”

Dimond Roofing will continue to work hard to bring innovative roofing solutions to the New Zealand market, for both the residential and commercial sectors, such as the recently developed Tricore insulated roof system, designed and tested in conjunction with Nuralite. 

Neil Watson, Head of Marketing, Fletcher Steel said: “The process to create a new brand has been a rewarding experience for all of us involved. With such a strong heritage we were able to work through which elements were most important to our customers and the architectural community. The new brand will be rolled out in the South Island initially at our sites in Dunedin and Christchurch, with the remaining sites being rebranded through the year. Our people are passionate about helping customers gain the edge in their markets and the new brand will support this passion going forward.”