A new innovation for condensation management and quicker building enclosure.

As water vapour is lighter than air, it easily finds its way into the ceiling cavity increasing the risk of mould growth. Therefore, the first step to a dry and healthy home is to improve the air movement in the ceiling cavity. 

With a strong and continued focus on product innovation, Colorsteel® offers a new design led solution that helps combat the growth of mould in New Zealand households – Colorsteel Dridex®.

Consisting of a unique absorbent layer of fleece adhered to the reverse side of the Colorsteel® sheet, Colorsteel Dridex® negates the need for underlay. Working on the same principles as traditional underlay, it absorbs moisture when the cavity space reaches dew point and releases it when ambient conditions improve. 

By removing the natural air barrier created by roofing underlay, Colorsteel Dridex® increases the free vent area available in the ceiling space by about double. The increased free vent space allows for greater movement of air in the roof cavity and ultimately a drier healthier internal environment. 
Helping in the fight against mould, the value of Colorsteel Dridex® can be quickly appreciated. At the same time, with no requirement for underlay, the installation process will be less effected from variable weather conditions, resulting in a quicker enclosure. 

Nils McGee, from McGee Roofing, lead the installation team using Colorsteel Dridex® on the recent re-roof of Tahuna Marae in Waiuku. “It was brilliant to work with. Without having to use underlay, the savings on labour were definitely noticeable. It’s really easy to install, especially once you’ve burnt-back the ends. You also don’t have to worry about sending the boys home when the wind picks up – you can work in a wider range of conditions. Cost wise, with no need for paper or netting, it’s amazing. We’ll be looking to use this product in the future.” 

The ability to work in a greater range of weather conditions has a noticeable result for larger commercial projects required to meet tight build programmes and deadlines. 

Mainfreight’s new 18,200m2 distribution terminal in Tauranga made use of Colorsteel Dridex® for the roofing material. The removal of the building paper and foil helped the installation team to install in a greater range of weather conditions. “When you have long-term projects exposed to high winds it’s quite difficult to install the roof and still meet the build programme. Not having to install building foil separately allowed us to continue installing even in higher wind loadings. The biggest advantage is time saving,” explains Mainfreight’s National Property Manager, Edward Creedy. 

When working in larger unlined builds, Colorsteel Dridex® offers advantages beyond the quicker installation. Now warranted for use in certain wall cladding applications, Dridex® offers a clean, uniformed finish for unlined projects that frequently suffer from sags, rips, gaps or misalignment of underlay.

Available in all standard colours in the Colorsteel® range, and offered in two grades, Colorsteel Dridex® provides a valued and innovative roof & wall cladding solution for your next project.