Metalcraft Roofing presents Kãhu®

Metalcraft Roofing’s newest roofing and cladding profile, Kãhu®, not only represents qualities of elegance, endurance and style but also features an innovative double capillary overlap to the side lap.
This double capillary overlap allows for greater weather performance and provides an extra capillary barrier to the standard capillary groove.  Another great feature of Kãhu® is that it requires only a one-rib lap, this increases the cover width and speeds up installation time.

This means the cover sheet size is increased and installation time and costs are reduced, making Kãhu® a cost-effective roofing and cladding solution.
Kãhu® is designed for roofs to 4° minimum pitch. For wall cladding the extra capillary groove can be omitted for a smoother appearance. Kãhu® can be both horizontally and vertically laid.

Manufactured at Metalcraft Roofing’s Christchurch branch using steel sourced from New Zealand Steel. Kãhu® is available nationwide in COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® and COLORSTEEL® MAXX®.
Kãhu® specifications:
Sheet width: 950 mm
Cover Width: 875 mm
Minimum Pitch: 4°
(Minimum pitch will increase depending on sheet lengths)
Application: Residential, Commercial; Roofing and Cladding
Orientation: Roofing and both horizontally and vertically laid cladding

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