Interpreting UDL Load Results

When using data from testing for producing graphs, tables, or other design aids, the following conditions apply:

  1. Data must not be extrapolated except where a minimum of four span-combinations within the limitations of (b) below can be shown to provide a statistically reliable load span graph. In such cases, an extrapolation of a further ±10% at either end may be calculated.
  2. Interpolation of data between different spans of a specific type of test is acceptable only in the following circumstances:
    1. Where the data is taken from tests for a single type, size, and profile of cladding and type and spacing of fastener.
    2. Where at least three different spans or support spacings have been tested for the same type, size, and profile of cladding and fastener details, and that in all three tests the failure mode was the same.
    3. Where test loads were derived from the same test criteria.
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