Tamahere Transformation

A substantial home at Tamahere overlooking the Waikato River has undergone a transformation, acquiring a new roof in 2020 involving a high degree of detail given the expansive roof area to be replaced.

Homeowner Brian Herman, a builder for the last 45 years, purchased the dream home in 2004 when it was five years old; however the issues with the asphalt shingle roof soon became apparent – it was leaking.

Late in 2020 Metrotile was contacted by Brian to discuss re-roofing options. For Brian the only disappointment about owning this magnificent home was that over time it became clear that the roof could not be repaired, evidenced by the soft and brittle plywood in places, damage to the trusses and cracks in some of the asphalt shingles. 

Says Brian: “A roof inspection revealed the worst – the plywood substrate had been severely compromised and water ingress had impacted the shingles in some areas. The damage was so widespread that all the shingles had to be removed to inspect the ply and it was clear the home would need a major re-roof.

“What immediately appealed to me, having contacted Metrotile, was their concealed fastening (CF) profiles giving a seamless look to the roof while protecting the fasteners from the elements. We covered off the profiles most suited to the property and opted for Metrotile’s CF Shake profile in Charcoal Blend”.

What also influenced Brian’s decision was the benefit of using a flexible system where the roof could be measured and then the existing roof removed with the replacement CF Shake profile already on site to make it work smoothly.

Open communication between Metrotile’s roofing team and the homeowner was a feature of the contract, the owner being a builder so when issues arose during the re-roof, a plan could be found easily ensuring the job could move forward. 

The re-roof was completed in stages – the crew focusing on removing a face and then replacing it quickly to limit exposure to the weather.  The CF Shake provides a fully concealed fastening system and the deep ribs of the profile accentuate the shadow lines of the roof. Given the scale of the home the re-roof could almost be treated as three separate houses. 

Says Brian: “This was a massive job to carry out.  I was living in the house while all the activities were undertaken. The Metrotile group was really good to deal with and they cleaned up their mess which is essential when you’re doing a re-roof.

“At no stage did we feel vulnerable, even though the house was temporarily without a roof in places. They had tarp covers and back up plans for any eventuality during the re-roof”.

The re-roof of the Tamahere home was completed in two weeks in late 2020.