Metrotile overcomes common leaks found with typical roof penetrations

Experienced roofer Scott Harris from SH Roofing, a member of RANZ, attended a leak complaint at a 4-year-old metal tile roof in Pukekohe in February 2017. Heavy rain, leaking through a roof penetration, resulted in a wet patch forming on the home owners ceiling.

Investigations resulted in the discovery of a leaking terminal vent pipe penetration (see photo attached). As a roofer, Scott often deals with complaints from home owners that turn out to be related to penetrations made after the roof is installed. 

Scott commented “it’s a shame that we install a perfectly good roof, that we know will not leak, only for the trades behind us to start cutting holes in it!”. Unfortunately, the issue is relatively common.

Ross Roof group have the perfect answer for this in the form of their Metrotile one-piece moulded vent tiles that match the roof without the reliance on silicone to remain weather tight for the lifetime of the structure. Both the HV110 sanitary vent and the HV160 extraction vent tiles replace most of these common penetrations for toilet terminal vents and extraction venting such as range hoods.

Both options come with accessories that the plumber or extractor installer can easily join into in the roof space and underlay sleeves to retain the integrity of the roofing paper. These accessories are fitted by the roof installer so neither trade needs to gain access to the roof at all, which also lessens the Health & Safety risk to them.

This alternative has been well received by sub-trades when the usual penetration is replaced with the Metrotile moulded one piece vent, taking away a common area of risk.

Aside from the added piece of mind, they look significantly better as they are coated in the same colour or stone as the roof and blend in well. 

The HV110 Sanitary vent tile and the HV160 Extraction Vent tile are available in profiles to match Metrotile’s Shake, Royal, Classic and Tudor profiles tiles.




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