Mayfield Primary School

Houston Architects enjoy the challenge in finding innovative solutions that add value to a building project. Seven years ago Mayfield Primary School was looking to have a new Administration Block built for this decile ten school. Wayne Houston offered to produce a sketch plan for Principal, Colleen Murray, that would demonstrate their design ideas for the building. Two other architects were also invited to submit their concepts from which Houston Architects were eventually appointed. The administration building hinged on several key points. 1. It had an economic monopitch roof three degrees from front to rear. 2. It needed to be a commanding building showing some dynamic design to the street frontage giving the school an opportunity to present a fresh face to the community. 3. It needed to have a reflection of the Polynesian culture of the school. The design solution was to bridge the building from front to rear with a stylised inverted Waka shape. This would be used to provide shelter to the entry for the students at the rear of the building and the parents at the front. The resulting shapes were also able to provide overhead clear storey lighting to the arrival area, making this rather small area appear light and spacious. The entrances to the building opens to the reception area that has a curved desk divided by a sheltered money counting area that enables the two receptionists to receive the pupils at the rear entrance or the adults at the front entrance. An interview room and sick bay is adjacent to this area and both spaces are able to be supervised and visually monitored by the reception staff. The staffroom is a generous size with a curved wall presenting to the street acknowledging the mature oak tree in the front yard. The curve of the wall defines the staffroom turning away from the street to create a private outdoor staff area sheltered by a shade sail with generous bi-fold doors opening out for summertime enjoyment.
Houston Architects Ltd. The company focuses on providing leadership in planning, architecture, urban design and interior design and has received a number of awards for their architecture. The essence of Houston Architects is Total Design Total Design is a holistic, creative philosophy that integrates design disciplines, characterises leadership style, informs their design and management processes and describes the way they run their business Total Design is fundamental to their culture and the way they think. Wayne has been involved in architecture since 1975 and has an energetic commitment to the design process, the production of working drawings and control of the building site. This energy comes from working closely with clients to the completed building and resulting in the best production of good architecture. This approach has been successfully applied to projects ranging in size from a five star hotel 20 storey building in Wellington (The Bolton) to the smaller but just as important project. Client: Mayfair Primary School Architect: Wayne Houston B. Arch.NZCD(Arch) A.N.Z.I.A. Houston Architects Ltd. Telephone: 0-9-623 4400 Email: Main Contractor admin. Block: Ross Pacey Foster Construction Telephone: 0274 894 353 Library Block: Steve Langford. Auckland Construction Telephone: 09 837 1987 Cladding Profile: Corrugate Zincalume