Making A Mark

When it comes to building showhomes, Landmark Counties has taken a somewhat novel approach compared to other group home builders. Instead of building a showhome using one of their range of standard plans, in this instance, they started from scratch and created this striking one-off designer home specifically for the site. And the feedback has been nothing short of phenomenal…

“The street appeal is amazing and people driving by come in and tell us that they can’t help themselves, they just have to come in,” says Sarah McMullin from Landmark Homes in Pukekohe.

Franchise partner Stephen Tordeich is equally delighted with the enthusiastic reception.

“As a showhome, it has attracted so much attention that we have now included it into our range of available plans. The overall aesthetics of the exterior and the combinations of colour, textures and materials have proven to have the street appeal our designers set out to achieve.” The level site in Karaka, Auckland, is within walking distance to the sea and allows corridors of seascape views. The seaside location was influential in the design and choice of materials.

“It’s a true town and country design, compact enough for city sites but substantial enough to suit lifestyle or rural locations,” says Landmark Homes’ franchisor Debbie Clarke.

“We designed it for the site to maximize the corridors of view which are very impressive, and the sun.”

She says the design is suitable for both urban and rural locations, offering a “sense of space and light and a connection to the outdoor surrounds.”

The 258 sq meter design features a ceiling height of 2.7 meters with large windows and doors to enhance the sense of grandeur. The atrium entry to the home further accentuates the feeling of space and spans both levels opening to the landing above.

The atrium also provides access to the office/study and bedroom on the ground floor, with good separation from the family living area.

The designers say a key objective of the design was to create a generous sized three bedroom home that would offer flexibility for a growing family.

Two of the bedrooms, including the master bedroom, are situated on the upper level. The ensuite to the master bedroom can be accessed by the occupants of the second bedroom without causing disturbance.

Water resistant Secura tongue-and-groove floor panels are used in the bathroom areas. Secura panels require no underlay so tiles can be laid directly onto the surface.

The bedroom on the ground level can be directly accessed from the entry, with a large bathroom close by. The enclosed family living space is generous by any standard, and both the dinning and family spaces open onto sheltered, covered deck areas providing excellent indoor/outdoor living flow.

The kitchen is state of the art and features an island bench, which connects the family area and allows easy access to both family and dining spaces.

For those occasions when privacy and quiet are required, the formal lounge provides a haven with outdoor options close to the dining area.

Stephen Tordeich regards the new home design, known as the Lincoln, as a “superb combination of intelligent design and construction.” He says that being at the “coal face”, Landmark homes people have a unique opportunity to listen to, and act upon, the concerns and aspirations of home buyers.

“Now, more than ever before, potential homeowners are interested in sustainable building,” he says. “The recent tragedies in Christchurch have created a greater concern and awareness of the need to build homes that are safe, using materials that are strong, durable and environmentally sensitive.

Stephen emphasises that the material choices that go into a project such as the Lincoln home are carefully considered from every aspect, and that the roof in particular received special attention as it forms such a dominant part of the overall look.

“The roof (Gerard Rockport Shingle) essentially sets the tone for the overall design and style of the home, and the close proximately to the coastal environment was an important factor too.”

“People are very aware of it,” says Sarah. “Not only can you see the sea from the windows, you can smell it in the air – but we know a Gerard roof will stand up to it.”

The protective coatings on Gerard roof tiles include a special combination of aluminium and zinc, which provides up to eight times the corrosion resistance of alternative steel roofing products.

Available in a range of colours, Gerard Roofs Rockport Shingle tiles also come with the benefit of a peace-of-mind, 50-year pro rata warranty. The tiles have a textured surface, made from natural stone – giving the roof a warm, soft appearance.

The interlocking fixing system used on a Gerard roof increases the integrity of the roof structure to a point where it can easily withstand hurricane force winds.

Sarah says the fact that Gerard is rated as a lightweight roof was another factor in their choice.

“Because of what happened in Christchurch, people are very aware of the safety factors. It also means you don’t have to have extra strong framing in the roof and that can mean a cost saving.

“From an aesthetic perspective, the profile, texture and colour of the Gerard Rockport Shingle tile offered us the unique look we wanted and it works particularly well in conjunction with the Linea weatherboard cladding.”

The interior of the home is designed for maximum comfort and features “noise control” internal walls between family living areas and bedrooms.

Overall, this home is well considered in every aspect and offers many striking features. However, Landmark Homes stress the importance of taking time and researching all the options available.

“Besides the many attractive features that go into a Landmark home, our greatest strength is our ability to tweak our designs to meet the needs of our clients,” says Sarah.

Design: Landmark Homes
Telephone: 0800 477 110

Roofing Manufacture: Gerard Roofs
Telephone: 0800 104 868

Profile: Gerard Rockport Shingle

Colour: Charcoal

Roof Installer: Harvey Roofing Centre
Telephone: 0800 244 737