The Longest Longrun Roof Ever

The brief given to Woodams Meikle  Zhan Architects for Progressive Enterprises’ extension to their distribution facility in Auckland was tight. They required the 22000m2 extension to be designed in such a way to allow the existing 24 hour, 7 day facility to remain fully operational. On top of this, the new warehouse had to be designed in such a way that it could be constructed in a time frame many thought would be impossible.

Woodams Meikle Zhan achieved this by thinking outside the square and utilising the latest materials and design options available. Materials choices drove their ability to fulfil the clients brief whilst allowing speed and flexibility of construction.

The lines of the building, whilst similar in basic appearance are actually completely different than the existing building. The existing building is designed with a series of small gables with internal gutters separating them. The new extension is still a gable design but with a span of a hundred meters compared to a span of twenty five meters for the existing design! This subtle change has significantly changed the functionality of the building with wide clear spaces that allow much greater freedom of internal use as well as higher ceilings that allow better dispersal of natural light and create a much more airy and work productive environment.

Bradley Wynn of Woodams Meikle Zhan explains – "We had to design the building so that it could be constructed in two halves, with the outer half constructed first and handed over before the second half could be constructed. This may sound simple but the half needed to be split down the 200 metre long ridge line. The second half then filled in the gap between the new extension and the existing building".
"Being a 24 by 7 operation they couldn’t afford any down time during and after the construction of the new building. Possible leaks were not an option. We had looked at using Dimond Steelspan 900 with a step midway between the gutter and ridge. Dimond suggested that we consider using a new roofing profile – Dimondek 630, which was to be released onto the market shortly. Dimondek 630 enabled us to delete the step joint by manufacturing on-site a single sheet of over 51 meters that could go from the ridge to the gutter and keep the pitch down to 3.5 degrees – a big time saver both in the installation of the steel work and roof. The really big advantage for us though was it has no fixing through the sheet, minimising chances of leaks – this was a big thing for Progressive Enterprises", said Bradley Wynn.

 Mr Wynn summed up by saying "We are extremely pleased with how it worked out - not only did Dimondek 630 meet the tight requirements and cope with a coastal environment, it also helped to complete the building on time".

Progressive Enterprises are also very happy with how the project went, but even more so with the finished product. They have a much lighter airier place that provides a more functional and enjoyable work environment.

Client: Progressive Enterprises

Architect: Bradley Wynn
Woodams Meikle Zhan
Telephone: 377 5215

Roofing Manufacturer: Dimond
0800 346 663
Profile: Dimondek 630

Roofing Contractor:
Clarke Roofing Ltd
Telephone:0-9-579 9483