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Starting with a blank slate to design your family home, a show home and a workplace, may seem like utopia however as Architectural Designer Andre Laurent discovered it is rather a challenge to be your own client. Being familiar with the importance of “getting the brief right“ did not reduce the task of defining his own direction and the needs of the family. Together with his wife Rebecca and their three children they set about defining the essentials which followed through to the absolute details of what would go where. Everything from the hi-tech computer systems to the kitchen utensils was considered and given a place.

Having found a site of approximately 750 m2 and location that suited both the business and the family Andre and Rebecca were ready to decipher their own brief and translate it into a home, studio and showcase of their Creative Architectural Solutions. Andre places great importance on the investment aspect of  all architectural projects and this home was no exception. “Great design creates great value, it should be an investment in the future and reflect personality and lifestyle,” says Andre,”but it is more than this. It is about the influence the design has on those who live there and the positive impact it has on the occupants. In this case our own family and particularly our children.” In looking at the overall project one could be forgiven for believing it is the result of a passion for design and while this is an important aspect of the home Andre is quick to point out his true passion is for function.

Form must follow function and this extends to every detail from the effects of the sun to the place where the kids store their personal treasures.

The first essential was to clearly define the working areas from the family area so both clients and family could clearly see the boundaries. The solution is a simple one, “When you enter the house you go one way to the office and the other to the home.

These demarcations are clear and essential in keeping interference to a minimum and avoiding confusion between personal friends and clients. The home features a lobby which provides access to the office area, home and garden.

The brief the family established was detailed but essentially it would include 3 bedrooms plus a master bedroom which would feature a  walk behind robe which opened to an ensuite. The master bedroom is generous and designed to provide an escape to relax, watch television or just take time out. The master bedroom opens to the deck and outdoor entertainment area.

The children have played a role in the decor of their rooms and as can be expected feature vibrant colours that reflect their own tastes.

The kitchen is designed as an open plan and forms part of the family area. There is a direct connection with the family / dinning and out door area. This is one of Rebecca’s favourite spaces because of the informal flow and family interaction. Andre admits his favourite spot is the daybed with the bi-fold windows opening to the deck and a view of the surrounds. From a practical point of view the kitchen cabinetwork is finished in Colorform which is a durable surface which has proven very “knock” resistant and easy to clean. Silestone has been used on the bench tops throughout the home.

The family room steps down to the lounge area which has extensive bi-fold doors that open the entire 5.4 metre wall giving access to the outdoor dinning options. The deck is protected from both sun and rain with a huge cantilevered roof that extends 4 meters. The north and west facing roof section of the house have 1.2 metre soffits to assist in the passive solar design and control temperatures inside the home and offices.

The lounge area also serves as a central hub to control all state of the art media within the home. The design allows for all media, computer. sound system,,etc to be closed off in specially designed cabinets in the wall cavities.

The over all design of the home is computer modelled to take the best possible advantage of the Tauranga sunshine hours. The exposed concrete floors in the main living area provide a heat sink to collect energy which is controlled by the extended soffits to the north and west. The shape of the home allows the maximum space to provide a private garden area at the rear which is well protected from the prevailing wind. The exterior of the home is clad in a combination of Craftstone veneer on a cavity system and Solid plaster on Austral brick veneer.

Vitex hardwood decks and gates surround the building.

The roof is clad in Dimond Endura styleline 0.40 longrun roofing over underlay and supported by 75x 45mm purlins @ 900 c/c. The design of the multi planes of the 3° roofline give the home a elegance and interest as well as providing function with shade and sun protection. The cantilevered sections of roof are supported by 200 UCs that allows flexibility of design without the need for external supports.

This home features some of the most advanced technology available including integrated networking, security sensors, fully automated Buss lighting motion sensors and future proofed wiring and switches.

Overall this home has been extremely well thought out with every conceivable possibility considered. There is a place for everything and if everything goes according to plan...everything will be in place.

As a testament to their design excellence there can be little doubt that the clients of Creative Space will extract many worthwhile ideas they can see first hand, in action.

Creative Space

Our mission at Creative Space Architectural Design Ltd is to provide fresh and innovative architecture that complements the way you live, function and work. We believe that every site and lifestyle is different and this requires unique and individual ideas to fully unlock the potential that suits our clients.

Client: Andre and Rebecca Laurent

Architectural Design Team: Andre Laurent
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Lloyd Bassett-Smith

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