When it comes to great design, every element is considered. From shape and form, to colour and texture, it’s the details that matter. COLORSTEEL® Matte uses innovative micro-wrinkle paint technology to evenly diffuse light, creating a unique lustred surface and a soft textured look. Because of this micro-wrinkle technology, COLORSTEEL® Matte appears much less reflective than standard and low gloss finishes and reveals the true tone and depth of colour not seen in other finishes.  

The COLORSTEEL® Matte range consists of three unique colours, from dark to light: FlaxPod® Matte, TidalDrift® Matte and SnowStone® Matte.

FlaxPod® Matte - A sophisticated finish for one of our most popular colours. Strong, solid and rustic, with a hint of luxury, FlaxPod® Matte is a colour that naturally belongs in New Zealand environments.

TidalDrift® Matte - A smoky charcoal grey with a soft contemporary finish, the ideal accent for a wide range of architectural designs.

SnowStone® Matte - A natural fit in the New Zealand landscape, the modern finish of SnowStone® Matte brings a deep white to the COLORSTEEL® Matte range.

As COLORSTEEL® Matte is a paint finish, it’s available on all of COLORSTEEL® substrates; COLORSTEEL Endura®, COLORSTEEL Maxx®, COLORSTEEL Altimate® and COLORSTEEL Dridex®. The COLORSTEEL® Matte range carries the same warranty as the substrate it’s supplied on and is suitable for the environmental regions where you already use COLORSTEEL®. 

The COLORSTEEL® Matte range provides an alternative cladding option that delivers a sense of tailored elegance. Especially effective in a tray profile, it’s also available in trapezoidal and corrugated profiles. Pairing well with metals, concrete formwork, unpolished timbers, and stone, the result for your client will be a look that treads the line between urban sophistication and a refined industrial palette. Ideal for everything from the roof to wall cladding and rainwater applications.

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