Building A Reputation For Creative Flair

Judd Fenwick Team Architecture have an impressive list of completed buildings that reflect the broad spectrum of experience and expertise the practice has available. The building types vary from the smallest of alterations, to very large industrial, commercial and health-care buildings.

The combined experience and interests of the Directors ensures all clients of a high level of professional and personal service with an office continuity considered by many to be an important aspect of their professional service.

Directors make a ‘hands on’ commitment to all stages of a project - and they continue to employ a team approach to the design and planning challenges of larger projects, ensuring the best end result from their collective talents.

The practice is a member of Team Architecture comprising of eight individual practices which retain their regional identity and independence, but can call on the resources of the entire team. The well established infrastructure means that the Team can, at short notice, analyse architectural issues rapidly and expertly, and provide architectural integrity and thorough and dependable back-up.


JFTA Offices - Napier
In relocating to a high exposure site the architectural practice desired to show themselves off in a modern building - but also one that sat comfortably on the edge of Napier's Art Deco Heritage District.

A 21st century building strongly expressing the quadrant site shape, incorporating modern material solutions to keep vehicle noise out - and with subtle ( and not-so subtle ) Art Deco design features blended in.

The interior design continues the practice's previous open plan working arrangement with built-in flexibility to enable ongoing technology advances to be easily kept up with.

A limited palette of strong colour externally coupled with natural finish materials to provide visual impact to the constant traffic flow - and with neon signage incorporated for night time identity!
The building location and design has already had the desired effect in attracting passers-by as clients - and design recognition from the Art Deco Trust who have acknowledged our intent to produce a building that is NOT Art Deco but fits into the locality – "A building of today that sits well in Napier’s Art Deco landscape."

JFTA’s offices also received a 2001 NZIA-Resene Local Award for Architecture and a 2001 NZIA-Resene Colour Award.


Print Solutions - Napier
The boldly coloured and strongly accented external design for the premises for Print Solutions was conceived as a counter-reaction to the bland and tired buildings existing previously - an attempt to make a much greater visual impact, and to reinforce their unified and different identity.

The sixties warehouse building with its seventies office block were severely outdated and under used – the new owner commissioned Judd Fenwick Team Architecture to provide a commercially viable and appropriate makeover – the architects have endeavoured to instill appropriate compatibility with Napier's heritage, and yet ensure a vivid commercial statement on a prime site.

The two disparate buildings have been ‘merged’ externally with colour, form and material consistency to reflect the new single commercial / industrial usage of Print Solutions – and extensive alterations and remodelling internally reflect the openness and pride that the Print Solutions proprietors express in their business.

The overall design intent is aimed at giving Print Solutions operation a very visible and accessible presence – and supporting their desire to present themselves as "leading edge" providers in a maximum exposure situation.
Above: Print solutions shown
before the redesign which has significantly improved the form, function and visibility for the client.

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