Best Pacific Institute Of Education

The owners of the property requested a face lift to transform and update their building which caters for both a Private Pacific Education Centre and a WINZ office on the ground floor.

The brief also required a maintenance upgrade due to years of neglect, all to be carried out within a tight budget and include robust weather tight detailing.

The team at Creative Arch, lead by Mark McLeay, set about achieving the brief by focusing on a distinct Polynesian flavour utilising low maintenance primary metal cladding. The desired aesthetic was to create
a strong vertical ribbed effect which was achieved using the MultiribTM cladding material.

The existing entrance façade was enhanced with a ‘Fale’ effect, complemented by timber ply linings and patterned battens.

The existing solar shade frame was recycled with the corrugate cover being replaced with cedar battens, that provided a contrast with the dark metal cladding. This accentuates the space and leads visitors to the front entrance combining the Polynesian flavour with functionality.

Brief Project Summary

When approached to overhaul this Hugh Brown Drive property, ensuring both its weather tightness and overall aesthetic enhancement, Creative Arch was inspired by the introduction of a Pacific flavour to
the existing building.

The beautiful, architecturally designed timber entrance has provided a cost effective and low maintenance solution to enhancing the overall street appeal of the building.

The Pacific elements of the design not only serve to enrich the building aesthetically, it is (as great design
should be), reflective of the clients unique point of view.

Design features/ Creative Solutions

The most significant design feature of the project is the contemporary timber gable entryway. This provides striking visual impact through its structural aesthetic, which also serves to redefine the existing building.

This new frontage has provided an increased aesthetic dimension to the property. The elevated structure gives visual impact in a creative and economical manner.

To achieve this aesthetic, timber battens were attached to the existing solar shade as an innovative means
in which to control direct sunlight, providing a comfortable working environment for the occupants.

In addition to the new frontage, a sophisticated roof was constructed from ventilated Ampelite Wonderglass GC 3050 g/m2 and utilised above an existing courtyard, in order to allow for additional light penetration into the space and natural ventilation.

The Pacific flavour of the design was a welcomed influence introduced by the client, whom has been  proactive in the formation of the unique and rich aesthetic.

Creative Arch

Creative Arch is an award winning, multi- disciplined Architectural Design firm that was founded by Director and Architectural Designer Mark McLeay in 1998. Their range of work is as diverse as their clients and encompasses Residential homes, Renovations and Coastal Developments. It also extends through to Remedial work and Commercial Architectural Design Projects such as the Best Pacific Institute of
Education project. Client service is paramount at Creative Arch and therefore working as a team is a priority for designers. The company is focussed on supporting their client’s vision and helping them to perpetuate their dreams through creative architecture. Creative Arch take time to listen and to gain a full understanding of clients needs, offering ideas and working collaboratively with them to achieve the desired result. Creative Arch work closely with other professionals to ensure the project is within budget giving  clients financial assurance. They have strong company values, investing a great deal in systems and  computer technology to ensure a consistent and high standard of service to clients. Visit our website to see the standards achieved consistently through award winning architecture and numerous publications.

Client: Best Pacific Institute of Education

Architectural Designers: Mark McLeay
Creative Arch
Telephone: 09 309 6032

Contractor: Arrow Remediate

Manufacturer: Roofing industries
Telephone: 09 414 4585

Roofing / cladding: Profile: Multirib® G550 Steel

Colour: Iron Sand
Translucent atrium roof
Ampelite_Wonderglass GC 3050 g/m2 to Multirib profile.

Installer: Karl Dixon
Dixon Roofing Contractors Ltd
Telephone: 09 579 4649
Mobile: 021 527 514