Flush Window Flashings


Window Flashings (Flush)

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The height of the sill flashing may have to be altered to suit the position of the profile.

Flush mounted windows or doors may have picture frame flashings, which means that the window frame is mounted externally to the cladding or can have timber facings.

All types should be designed without total reliance on sealant, and improvised solutions are not acceptable.

Both the flush and recess flashings have an under jamb and a front or face jamb.

Trim sizes for aluminium windows are usually 10 mm over the jamb liner size, however, to obtain a vertical upstand, the trim size for flush flashing design requires plus 15 mm vertically to allow for a 10 mm packer.

An option for the head flashing profile can be provided if the corrugations on the underlap of the sheet are flattened, which enables the head flashing to be folded vertically and not shaped to the profile.



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