Type D Tray

If the penetration opening falls between the gutter purlin and the penultimate or next purlin up the roof, a flat tray under-flashing can be used to drain directly into the gutter. The tray can be weathered under the ribs or over the ribs if the sheet is cut, but requires additional structural support.

Flat Tray

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Enclosing Flashing shows a simple method of providing a flashing for a penetration such as a solar collector. By enclosing the collector, all the pipes are protected from the weather, which eliminates the dissimilar metal contact with or runoff onto the metal cladding. Because this flashing is made from separate curb pieces
there is no restriction on the width of the flashing. See Nomenclature.

The detail in Large Penetration at the Gutter Line is required where a large air conditioning unit or a large solar collector is placed at the gutter line and the catchment area behind the penetration is also large.

N.B. Both Enclosing Flashing and Large Penetration at the Gutter Line require a cricket design.


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